7 Yoga Poses to Open up Your Hips and Make You More Supple ...

It’s important to do yoga poses to open up your hips regularly. My yoga teacher always emphasizes the tension and stress that gets compacted into your hips throughout the day whether you work a standing or desk job. What’s more, the Muladhara chakra located in this area deals with self-esteem and feeling grounded. These are some yoga poses to open up your hips that I enjoy doing.

1. Pigeon

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Pigeon is a hip-opener and hip flexer that helps you really work through any tension and stress you have built up in the pelvic area. Though I struggle with this yoga pose to open up your hips, I like how it challenges me to push beyond my limits. Moving from Table Pose, bring your right knee up to your right wrist. Keep your knee there while you bring your right foot as close as you can to touching your left wrist. Straighten the left leg back and keep the waist long as you bend forward, arms reaching forward. Voila, Pigeon Pose! Variations for this pose can include using a bolster or blanket under your right hip to help alleviate any painful sensation or using a bolster or block in front of you to rest your head on. Switch sides.

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