7 Most Effective Moves All Fit Girls Have Mastered ...


7 Most Effective Moves All Fit Girls Have Mastered ...
7 Most Effective Moves All Fit Girls Have Mastered ...

If you are fit you are probably accustomed to working out regularly with a series of exercises that target various muscle groups. As a personal trainer, I utilize these moves with my clients and also in my personal fitness regime. If you know these moves you probably have performed them on a regular basis and it is likely you have mastered them. In a routine, you go through these exercises performing each in the most effective manner because your form is perfect. And you are a fit mastermind. You love these effective moves because they work. Take a page from my book and check out what I think are the 7 most effective moves:

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For as long as I can remember the crunch has been regarded as an effective move for strengthening and toning your middle. Combine this move with healthy eating and you will be sure to achieve incredible results. Just tighten your muscles as you perform each crunch and feel the amazing burn!



The squat is a ridiculously effective move for your lower half that will be sure to rev your metabolic rate. And if you drop it low as if you are sitting in a chair with perform form, you will feel the burn in your legs and butt. Follow along with this video so you can integrate this ultra-effective move into your routine starting today!



Isolate the larger muscle groups of each leg individually with a lunge. Perform this move by walking forward and dropping your leg down to 90 degrees. Stand tall and tighten your abs as you perform this to make this most out of each lunge. And follow along to this video to get the proper form to help you get a super-effective workout!


Push up

Pushups are a paramount exercise because they target your arms and core. The key is to focus on getting your chest all the way down to the ground with legs straight. Fit girls love this move because it is so empowering. Aim for 3 sets of 20 to get a super effective workout!


Tricep Dips

If you want to get rid of the jiggle on your lower arms, tricep dips could very well be your saving grace. Perform this move properly and follow along to this video to zap the jiggle and strengthen your arms. You will feel so much stronger and simple tasks that utilize your arms will even feel easier!


Jumping Jacks

A timeless exercise in the military, jumping jacks help to boost your heart rate and better your body. This move will help you to burn calories and achieve your goals. So set a goal of several sets of 50 to get in super shape. This effective move is something fit girls do in between their strength moves.


Bicep Curl

An isolation exercise that can help you move mountains or at least life that bag of dog food more easily, bicep curls are amazing. This timeless move is something fit girls swear by to give them definition in their arms and help them wear their tank top with confidence!

So put yourself to the test to see if you can perform these moves fit girls love! Are you ready for the challenge?

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