7 Days of 10 Minute Workouts for the the Busiest Girls ...


7 Days of 10 Minute Workouts for the the Busiest Girls  ...
7 Days of 10 Minute Workouts for the the Busiest Girls  ...

In a world of deadlines, appointments and balancing work with personal life, things can be plain crazy. Finding time for fitness may be the last thing on your mind but it is something that simply needs to be done. If you want to lose weight, get in shape and avoid getting sick, fitness is something you must make time for. Forget finding an hour because as the days pass when you lack the time, you are missing out on bettering your personal health. So carve just 10 minutes of fitness on the daily and begin on your way to your best shape starting today!

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Full Body Fitness

With just 10 minutes of focused fitness, you can target your body from head to toe. You will tone while you are pushing in the workout zone. And if you start the day with this workout, you will awaken your senses for a positively productive day!


Victoria Secret is No Longer a Secret

Move over Victoria because the secret is out that the busiest of girls can transform their body with healthy eating choices and following this workout. Stick to this program along with the others in this list on the daily for ultra-amazing results. And follow the tips in this video to stick to proper form so you can make the most out of every move.


Work Your Core

Work your core to feel something more when you perform all other exercises. In just 10 minutes you can take a step to whittle your middle so you can feel strong to the core. Engage your abdominal muscles so you can literally feel the burn as you go through each move.


Beginners Don’t Be Scared

Instead of waiting to get in shape to perform these workouts, start at your own level with a beginner workout. The exercises in this video are intended to go nice and easy for those that are new to fitness. So follow along, be sure to focus on the correct way of performing the exercises and be ready to be on your way to your best shape!


Tabata Tone Your Body

Put your body to the task to become tabata toned. Tabata workouts are ultra-intensive for periods followed by a short rest to help you get incredible results while pushing your body to the max. These moves are very doable for people of all levels as long as you perform them accurately with purpose. Follow along to get in your best shape starting today!


Blast Fat in Just 10 Minutes

Don’t have an hour for your fitness routine? No problem! Because in just 10 minutes, you can blast fat and get in incredible shape. Follow these 5 intense workouts that target your entire body. If you do these moves correctly, the next day you will feel the muscles that are worked. So lace up your kicks and get to it!


Dance Your Abs Strong

Forget tradition and get in shape by dancing your abdominal muscles to perfection. Dancers have incredible abdominal definition because of the muscles that are targeted in your middle. So shake your hips and move like your favorite dancer to get in your best shape. You do not have to be bored getting in shape, switch it up and get in super sexy shape as a result!

So with just 10 minutes on the daily, healthy eating and a positive attitude; you can get in your best shape starting today!

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