7 Brilliant Workouts for Stress Relief for Women Who Want to Relax ...


7 Brilliant Workouts for Stress Relief for Women Who Want to Relax ...
7 Brilliant Workouts for Stress Relief for Women Who Want to Relax ...

Workouts are just to make your fitter. There are workouts for stress relief that can do wonders for your mental state too. There is nothing better than a great workout to relax both your body and mind. It's better than any massage because this is something that will also better your health and physique. I find that after every workout, I am more relaxed, have more energy and it is easier to cope with the daily rigors of stress. Why do you think the busiest of people find time for fitness? Look at the president, directors in companies and even busy college kids a taking heavy course schedule. So why would they find time for fitness? Because most understand that finding time for exercise will give them more energy, lower their stress and help them to accomplish more in their day. Not convinced just yet? Then try this for yourself and feel the difference with these workouts for stress relief.

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De-stress your body and your mind with this zen yoga video. Gently follow along as you feel the stress leave your body. Inhale gently and release all the rigors of daily life. If you follow along and mentally attach yourself to the relaxation in this video, you will finish feeling refreshed and ready to embark on a new day!



Since breathing is a focal point of pilates, it is important to follow along and connect your workout to your breathing. Feel the strength of your own body, release and relax as you tighten the muscles that you are working. Since pilates is all about de-stressing both body and mind, this workout will help you to feel your best!



Running is a super effective way to ward off stress, better your health and even increase your energy! But new runners often think the best way to get your workout in is to just run. However, there are several great workouts you can do as a runner, like speed workout, long slow distance, hill training and so much more. So get out and pound the pavement as you de-stress because running rocks!



Okay, so you have seen all the people leave the spinning class drenched in sweat and avoiding this was at the top of the list. Avoid no more because although spinning is a great workout, it is also very mentally and physically rewarding. If you have a spin bike at home, follow along with this workout to push your body and kick that stress to the curb. And smile with satisfaction when you finish and feel fabulous!


Hiking & Resistance Workout

Hiking is a great weight-bearing exercise that can clear your mind while toning your body. Pair this with some weights and it is a win win in helping alleviate stress and getting fit. Follow along as the man in this video hikes in Norway then heads to the gym to lift some weights!



Build your swim speed as you follow along with the tips in this video. Since swimming is an ultra-effective workout to help you to de-stress your mind without heavy stress on the body, you just may love this. So get your one-piece on and dive into bettering your mind and body!



If you want to push your body, get your sweat on and ditch your stress, join this great dance party video. Dance your mind and body to a happy place while you have some fun with this great workout! Focus on contracting and have some fun while you shake your hips!

If you are ready to relax your body and mind, first get moving with these great workouts. Get fit, have fun and get in your best shape!

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Keaira lashae has great dance workout videos!!! I learned so much from her

Yeah yes and walking Yee Haa

All these workout are very helpful 😍👍🏼💪 BIG THANKSSS for posting 🌸

I think swimming and dancing are my favourites ;)

I think yoga, biking and dancing r my favorite it just seems more fun and that ur not even working out

I want to try a yoga class.

@Thelma62912 Oh yes please try yoga. You will love it. I would resend Astana yoga it is a bit hard core but you will love it. Try it u have nothing to lose but a lot to gain

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