10 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories without Working out ...


10 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories without Working out ...
10 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories without Working out ...

We all KNOW the best way to burn calories is to exercise. But did you know there are some easy ways to burn 100 calories without working out? Just because you don’t have time to squeeze in a workout on a daily basis doesn’t mean you can’t burn some extra calories and rev your metabolism doing daily tasks.

Check out these easy ways to burn 100 calories without working out and without adding much stress or time to your day!

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Cook Dinner at Home

cook, drink, girl, Washing vegetables, chopping onions, prepping meats, and mixing together ingredients all burn more calories than you think. Spend about 40 minutes cooking and you’ll burn approximately 100 more calories. Isn't that seriously one of the best easy ways to burn 100 calories without working out?


Clean Your Bathroom

cartoon, child, room, male, human behavior, If you spend 25-30 minutes scrubbing your tub and toilet, you’ll burn an extra 100 calories. Not only will you burn extra calories, but also you’ll feel great knowing that the bathroom is sparkling clean.


Park Far Away from the Door and Always Take the Stairs

photograph, wall, shoulder, photography, physical fitness, Think about how many places you drive and how many elevator rides you take during the day. Try to always park intentionally far away from the door, and always take the stairs instead of the elevator. You’ll be surprised how many extra calories you burn!


Paint a Room inside of Your Home

room, shoulder, window, girl, interior design, Try spicing up your home by painting your bedroom a new color! Just 35-40 minutes of painting will burn an extra 100 calories.


At Work, Use a Headset for Phone Calls and Walk around Your Office

hair, hairstyle, long hair, girl, socialite, If you spend your day sitting at your desk on the phone, try using a hands-free headset and walking around your office as you talk. A mere 35-40 minutes on your feet can torch that extra 100 calories.


Call Your Best Friend and LAUGH!

human hair color, fur clothing, fur, blond, fashion model, Research suggests that spending at least 20 minutes of your day laughing can help you burn that extra 100 calories. Call your best friend and enjoy catching up while laughing with each other!


At Work, Keep a Jumprope in Your Desk!

joint, shoulder, standing, leg, human body, Instead of walking to get an afternoon coffee, spend 10 minutes jumping rope at work or outside. A quick 10 minutes is all you need to burn about 100 calories!


Clean out Your Closet

pink, clothing, purple, boutique, magenta, Spend a rainy or snowy afternoon cleaning out your dresser and your closet. Try on old clothes and part with the ones you haven’t worn in over a year. You’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn, plus your closet will thank you!


Spend Time Stretching!

joint, shoulder, room, physical fitness, leg, Spend 20-30 minutes stretching or doing your favorite yoga poses to help you relax and to help you torch about 100 calories!


Move during Commercial Breaks!

joint, leg, thigh, human leg, shoulder, We all have that favorite TV show that we simply cannot miss. Spend the commercial breaks moving, and you’ll easily torch more than 100 calories! Squats, lunges, planks, jumping jacks…you can choose any exercise you wish, just keep moving!

Exercising isn’t the ONLY way to burn calories and stay in shape. Try these tricks to help rev your metabolism AND help you reach your health and fitness goals without adding stress to your daily life!

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