Awesome Reasons to Start Yoga This Year for Girls Improving Their Fitness ...


Awesome Reasons to Start  Yoga This Year for Girls Improving Their Fitness ...
Awesome Reasons to Start  Yoga This Year for Girls Improving Their Fitness ...

I'm here to tell you all the reasons to start yoga this year. If you are anything like the rest of society, you are probably weighing lots of different options for new hobbies and forms of exercise to take up to start off the New Year with a healthy bang. You’re probably looking at gym memberships, finding out about local swimming pools, and eyeing up the best local parks for a good old-fashioned jog, but I’m here to tell you that the only thing you should be taking up this year is yoga. Yoga can seem a little scary to a beginner, especially when all you see online are the most extreme versions of the practise, but trust me when I say that taking up yoga can really transform your life, both physically and mentally. Here are some reasons to start yoga this year.

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Strength and Flexibility

The very nature of yoga means that it is the perfect exercise to take up if you are looking to build up your strength and flexibility in a leveled, gentle way. You can start off slow and increase your difficulty as your body improves, a visual sign of real-time progress! This is one of the top reasons to start yoga this year.


Stress Relief

In today’s busy modern society, we all need something that is going to help take some of the stress out of everyday life, and for many people, yoga is that thing.


Muscle and Endurance

You might not be seeking to lose weight, but you may well be seeking to gain definition, and yoga is a wonderful way to add muscle to your body, as well as increasing your endurance for all types of physical activity.



Sitting at desks in front of computers is ruining out posture, and yoga is a brilliant activity for helping to counteract that and improve it.


Focus and Clarity

Yoga requires you to focus all of your energy and presence on yourself, and this can be a really wonderful thing with regards to increasing concentration span and sharpening mental clarity.


Behaviour Changes

This task of focusing on yourself through yoga also means that you could illuminate habits and behaviours that are negative for your growth, and once you’ve illuminated them you can work to change them.


Life Balance

The calming, introspective nature of yoga can have a really positive effect on your neurological system, which in turn will help you create a much healthier outlook and lifestyle for yourself.



Yoga helps you get to know your mind and your body really well, which means that repeated sessions will increase your intuition by a potentially massive amount.


Creative Abilities

Yoga has the power to unlock creative abilities in you that you never even know you had. Clearing your mind and refreshing your body can open up lots of new possibilities.


Self Connection

Perhaps most importantly, taking up yoga can really help you to reconnect with yourself after years of only focusing on connecting with others. It’s not selfish to spend some time focusing solely on your own mind and body, in fact, it’s super healthy!

If you’re convinced and ready to give it a go, this marvellous video takes you through a gentle 20 minute yoga class ideal for beginners.

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