The Greatest 7 Minute Workout for Killer Thighs in No Time ...


The Greatest 7 Minute Workout for Killer Thighs in No Time  ...
The Greatest 7 Minute Workout for Killer Thighs in No Time  ...

Do you want thinner thighs but you are not sure how to achieve this? Thighs rubbing up against one another, feeling sweaty and plain uncomfortable? Believe me, I get it, we have all been there. But don't feel doomed. Drop the fear of disappointment and get up to do something about it. Life doesn't happen to you, you make life happen. So work for results with some thigh toning exercises. If you do these exercises combined with making healthier eating choices, you can achieve your goal. So let’s get moving with 7 minutes to thinner thighs:

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Jog in Place

To elevate your heart rate and work the larger muscle groups in your legs, begin your 7 minute workout by jogging in place for one minute. As you progress through the minute, gradually run quicker, pump your arms and pick your legs up as you work for thinner thighs!



To target your thighs, butt and leg muscles, drop your body down into a squat and hold for one minute. Make sure you have your weight in your heels and your body upright. A minute squat hold, although it may seem easy, will be challenging but well worth it! This exercise will help you do the trick in toning your thighs. So have a seat and smile because you are working your body!


Jump Squats

As you are in your squat hold position, jump up and let all the power in your legs explode. Repeat for one minute, aiming for 25 jump squats to work your legs. Just make sure you drop down into a seated position in between each squat. Not that you are out of breath, just 3 minutes into the workout, are you ready for more?


High Knees

Jog in place and now get your legs up high to work your hamstrings and legs. Get your legs up high, raise your heart rate and give it all you've got for one minute! Great job, you are working it like a rock star!


V Squats

Put your legs in a V position and drop your body down into a V squat to target your inner thighs. Repeat for one minute. This exercise feels like a stretch when you do it but the soreness lasts for days. Why? Because this exercise truly targets your inner thighs.



Walk forward and drop your leg down 90 degrees into a lunge. Then repeat on the other side. Continue to alternate, targeting each leg for one minute. This exercise isolates the leg muscles of each leg to give you great results. So get lunging to slimmer thighs!


Reverse Kicks

Lean forward and kick behind you to work your butt and legs. Kick with power, energy, and purpose, alternating your legs for one minute. Make sure to keep a strong core and maintain your balance when you perform your reverse kicks. And do not forget to have some fun in the process!

Can you believe all you just did in just 7 minutes? With just 7 minutes of those exercises and clean eating, you will see your thighs become tight and toned. Remember, these exercises are a great foundation but making healthy food choices is critical to see optimal results. So put down that donut to choose the fruit, and have the salad over the pizza. Every choice you make paves the path of the future that lies ahead for you.

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This is so helpful because I feel so far on my bottom half like my waist up is FINE. But from the waist down is not pretty😁😭💔


Squads will make your thighs bigger! if you don't want to built more muscle try running and pilates.

Doesn't squats make your thighs bulky?

I hope this will help slim down my thunder thighs. Thank you :)

Does this truly work?

Yeah music 🎶 wow love

what if I want my legs stronger instead of thinner? I'm not really into the skinny look on me... #suggestion

This was awesome! Thank u! 👏

Such a misleading article! Please stop spreading misinformation - if the title to this article is slimmer thighs then why are you advocating squats etc? To target fat diet and cardio first !

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