These No Bulk Exercises Actually Work ...


These No Bulk Exercises Actually Work ...
These No Bulk Exercises Actually Work ...

Some fitness enthusiasts equate strength moves with bulk and if this is not your goal, you may shy away from this. But there are specific exercises that can help you to tone, shred and sculpt. These exercises will raise your heart rate and also boost your metabolism making you a fat burning machine. As a certified trainer for well over a decade I include these exercises for clients looking to shred without building bulk and these are also staples in my own routine. So take a page from my book and perform these proven result exercises!

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Burpees With a vertical jump, squat thrust and pushup; this compound exercise will give you a bang for your buck. Raise your heart rate while challenging yourself to the next phase in fitness. And no need to worry about building bulk, the burpee exercise will help you to get shredded and star in your own fitness modeling competition by achieving mega results!


Jump Squats

Jump Squats Drop your body down into a squat and jump up using the stored energy in your legs to go. You will work your core and feel the burn as you boost your heart rate. This exercise will definitely push you to a whole new level as you work your total body. Perform 3 sets of 10 to make the most out of this effective exercise.


Push Ups

Push Ups Get in plan position and lower your body down with arms straight, dropping your chest down to the ground, then raise back up. And you are performing a pushup. This exercise is super challenging and will have you feeling the burn in no time. Perform 3 sets of 15 with varying position of your arms. With your arms closer you will work your triceps more and further away you will focus on your chest.



Lunges Walking in a straight line, lower your leg down to 90 degrees, alternating legs so you can isolate the larger muscle groups of each leg. This move will help you to target your quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings. So work your lower half without worrying about building bulk and feel the burn!


Squat Hold

Squat Hold Get your legs down to 90 degrees with a seated position against the wall in a squat hold. Make a goal of staying in this strengthening move for 1-2 minutes. Tighten your leg muscles as you work your body to the max with this super compound exercise that will life your metabolic rate and help you to burn more calories while at rest!



Running As a longtime runner with 28 marathons under my belt and thousands of miles, I speak from experience when I say that running will help you to lean down and slim that body. If you were to just run and not perform any strength moves, your legs would look like bean poles. This is due to the high calorie burn of this effective cardio exercise. And you will lower your stress in the process. Pound away the stress with every strike of your foot on the pavement or treadmill!


Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks This timeless exercise is a staple in the military for good reason. Jumping jacks will raise your heart and help you to burn calories without ever having to worry about building bulk. So jump for the betterment of your health and slim down in the process with this effective no bulk exercise!

With all these no bulk exercises, where will you begin? Why not perform all of these in one super effective routine and watch your body transform in a matter of weeks!

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Good exercises for cardio and upping your fitness. But again why are women obsessed with using the word bulk, it's so hard for a woman to bulk up, this is why it takes women hours and in fact years of training to "bulk" up!!!

Awesome Article!!!!

Love these! Thanks for the 411! :)

These are so good and innovative thanks

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