7 Ways Lifting Weights Will Help You Get Healthier ...

By Tara

7 Ways Lifting Weights Will Help You Get Healthier ...

Lift weights to better your health, energy, lower your body fat stores and just feel better. Tired of looking at the loose skin under your arms? Well then kick it to the curb and pump some iron. Ladies, do not worry you will not become the hulk, you will just look healthier and more control of your own life. So many women are afraid to lift because they do not want to build big muscles but rest assure that because of hormones that will not happen without supplements. So relax, grab free weights and get into a lifting routine so that you can better your health!

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Lower Risk of Osteoporosis

Did you know that simply increasing your bone density can lower your risk of osteoporosis? So how in the world do you do this? Lift weights. You do not have to become a body builder and lift ultra-heavy weights to experience these benefits. Just grab a set of weights as light as 5 pounds and lift for your upper and lower body.


Help Prevent Injury

People that have muscular injuries tend to be weak in the areas in which they get injured so eliminate this and lift weights. Lift weights to prevent muscular injury down the road. Every strengthening exercise that you do can pave the path for lowering your risk of an injury so it is integral to do this. Weight lifting is a key component to achieving a healthier body.


Boost Metabolism

Lifting weights will help you to build muscle which is metabolically active tissue. This means you will burn more at rest. Sitting, standing, even watching television you will benefit by burning more calories that your non lifting friends. So lift weights to lean down, strengthen and look amazing!


Boost Mental Health

As you lift weights and are amazed at your own strength you many notice something amazing in your body, you look better. Your body is more toned and tight. As a result, you stand taller, wear more fitted clothes and just feel better about yourself. Boost your confidence from simply pumping some iron!


Have More Energy

Remember the time that you lacked energy or the will to get up earlier? Well this can be a past time if you lift weights, perform cardio and push yourself to get in your best shape. Setting time for your health will have you flying high with energy. So lift weights, feel better and have a surge of energy!

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Lower Risk of Illness

As you lift weights you will lower your body fat stores and as a result lower your risk of illness. In addition you will boost your immune system which can lower your everyday woes of colds, flus and viruses. So lift weights to better your health so you can live the amazing life you deserve!


Sleep More Sound

You toss and turn restlessly trying to fall asleep but instead you lay there without success. The one major component missing from your day is exercise, if you are not working out. If you lift weights you will catch some Zzzzs and sleep like a newborn baby. Exercise is a vital component to sleeping better and getting into a healthy routine. So get to bed sleepy head!

With all these reason to lift weights, it is time to stop reading and start lifting. Are you ready to lift to better your health?

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This is all true: I am a living witness of it!! ☺️💪🏼

I started lifting weight last month, I can already see that my body is more toned. I see more result lifting weight for a month than doing cardio for three!

You don't have to use free weights to feel this! I use machine weights, as well as body weight exercises.. Great article!

@hey123 so true

That's it...I'm starting tomorrow!