Fab 👍🏼 Things to do to Make the Most of Rest Days 📅 ...

After an ultra-intense week of running, cycling and moving every which way, it is time for you to have your rest day. Rest days are an integral part of training that can help you to meet your goals, so do not skimp on this. And this does not mean plopping your butt on the couch for a day of girly movies. You need to do certain things like relaxing, taking a snooze and even walking around more to aid in recovery and set the stage for your next workout day. Follow these tips to make the most of your rest day, starting today:

1. Active Recovery is Key

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Instead of laying down and resting all day, use your day off for active recovery. Active recovery will help increase your circulation and thrust you on your way to having an even better workout tomorrow. So go for a light workout, nothing crazy and set the stage for an even better fitness day tomorrow.

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