7 Things That Are Better than Having a Thigh Gap ...

By Jennifer

Don't get me wrong: there's nothing wrong with having a thigh gap. But if you don't have one, no worries. There are so many things that are way better than a little blank space, and these are just a few of them.

1 Self-esteem

clothing, hair, hairstyle, model, beauty, Beating yourself up because you don't have a thigh gap is terrible for your self-esteem. Embrace your strong, healthy, beautiful body exactly how it is, right now, today!

2 Sexytime

clothing, swimwear, vacation, turquoise, maillot, Strong, thick thighs mean more stability to try new positions (like standing up), and they could also mean more stamina... which means sexier sexytime.

3 Being a Mermaid

clothing, swimwear, yellow, model, thigh, I saw this meme on Facebook and it's so true: if my thighs touch, I'm that much closer to being a mermaid, so who's the real winner here?

4 Cupcakes

fondant, cupcake, cake, meal, dessert, Consuming fewer calories, while at the same time burning calories through exercise, may or may not give you a thigh gap. But that means deprivation, which means no cupcakes. And is a thigh gap really worth a lifetime without cupcakes? No.

5 A Medal

label, watch, jewellery, coffee cup, hand, I lost my thigh gap when I started running long distances, and I don't miss it. You know why? Because I have a rack full of medals from winning some of those races. Bye-bye thigh gap, hello bling.

6 Yo Mama

clothing, hair, person, hairstyle, black hair, Your exercise and diet play only a small part in whether or not you'll ever have a thigh gap. The rest is heredity, the structure of your bones. Do you love your mama or gramma any less because they don't have a thigh gap, or any more because they do? Revel in the other good genes they've passed down, like your gorgeous boobs and thick hair.

7 Your Phone

clothing, undergarment, t shirt, thigh, briefs, Admit it. You bring your phone in the bathroom with you. And chances are, like me, you'd had that heart-stopping close call when you've almost dropped your phone between your legs and into the toilet. No thigh gap means your phone landed safely in your lap. Whew!

See? All very important. What other things can you think of that are better than having a thigh gap?

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