Awesome Post-Workout Self Massage Techniques to Feel Better ...


Awesome Post-Workout  Self Massage Techniques to Feel Better ...
Awesome Post-Workout  Self Massage Techniques to Feel Better ...

Some of us hate working out, because of the aftermath. When we push our bodies to their limits, we end up sore. Of course, you shouldn't hold off on exercising, all because you're worried about the pain you'll feel afterward. After all, there are plenty of ways to reduce that pain. How? Well, here are a few self-massage techniques that'll help you feel better after a workout:

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Neck and Shoulder Massage

Even if you haven't worked out today, your neck and shoulders might be feeling a little stiff if you've been sitting at a desk all day. In order to make yourself feel better, all you need to do is massage the muscles on the side and back of your neck with firm strokes. Do this for one to two minutes every single day, twice a day, and you'll notice a change in your body's tightness.


Self-massage is a great way to relieve stress and tension in the body after a workout. Neck and shoulder massage is particularly beneficial, as these areas often hold tension due to poor posture, stress, or physical activity.

Neck and shoulder massage can be done with your hands, a massage ball, or a foam roller. When using your hands, use firm strokes to massage the muscles on the sides and back of your neck. This can be done for one to two minutes, twice a day, for maximum benefit.

Using a massage ball or foam roller for neck and shoulder massage can provide deeper relief. With a massage ball, apply pressure to the tight areas by rolling the ball back and forth. When using a foam roller, place the roller on the areas of the neck and shoulders and roll slowly up and down.

In addition to massage, stretching can also help relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. Simple stretches such as shoulder shrugs, arm circles, and neck rolls can help relax the muscles and improve range of motion.


Hand Massage

Whether you've been working with dumbbells all day or with a keyboard all day, these techniques will prevent your hands from cramping. All you really need to do is massage your palms and each one of your joints.


Lower Back Massage

For this massage, you should rest on your back. Make a fist with your hands and place the weight of your body against your knuckles. Then you should move your knees back and fourth while keeping your feet against the ground, so that your knuckles end up massaging your lower back.


Scalp Massage

This one sounds a little silly, but it's the easiest massage you could ever give yourself. You should start by placing both hands on top of your scalp with relaxed fingers. After all, you want to be using your fingertips, not your fingernails. Then you should rub your fingers against your scalp, making sure you reach every area.


Lower Leg Massage

You should start this massage by gliding your hands over your leg to warm it up. Then you should squeeze your calf muscles with both hands, starting at your ankles and going up toward your knees. After you finish that step, you should place your hands back at your ankles and roll your calf muscles with your two hands until you reach your knees. Then you can press both of your fists into your calf muscles, roll your fists into your calves, and slap your calves.


Arm Massage

Extend your arm over your chest and use your other hand to pinch your tricip. Stay in that position for a few seconds, release your hold, and then move your hand lower to repeat the process. Once you're finished, you can flip your arm over and repeat the process once again, only with your bicep this time.


Sinus Massage

Here's one last massage that is meant to help all of you women with sinus problems. Place the pads of your fingers above your nose, but below your brow. Then you should move your fingers in a circular motion. When you're finished with your nose, you should make the same motion on the outside of your eyes.

Whenever you're in pain, you can find a way to cure it. Whether your arms, legs, hands, or back hurts, these massages should do the trick. Which one of these massages sounds the most refreshing right now?

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