Memorable Tips to Help You Exercise Every Single Day ...


Memorable Tips to Help You Exercise Every Single Day ...
Memorable Tips to Help You Exercise Every Single Day ...

With your busy life you may find it tough to squeeze a workout in every single day. But with planning and purpose you can do this. It may mean you have to wake up earlier, squeeze a sweat session in on your lunch break or even inviting a friend while you get your fit on, but if you want it, you can find time. Where there is a will there is a way. As a mom of 3, trainer, writer for AWS and Bootcamp owner, if I can do it so can you. Let me share my tips in just how to get it done and I know you can be a super health success!

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Get up Bright and Early

human action,person,clothing,human positions,woman, As your friends and family are tucked soundly in bed, you rise and shine with your workout. This is your time to get it done and because if this small choice you have made you will be happier and healthier. Seems simple, right? So let this be you and get your workout in early every day!


Exercise at Lunch Break

clothing,active undergarment,thigh,muscle,leg, As your coworkers head down to the cafeteria for an hour lunch session, get outside and get your workout in. 30 minutes of exercise, 15 minutes to eat your salad and a 15 minute shower will leave you feeling recharged and proud you pushed yourself for a great workout!


Ride Your Bike to Work or Class

road bicycle,bicycle,vehicle,wheel,sports equipment, Stop jumping in the car for every destination and start using the power of your body to get you to where you need to go. Ride your bike to work, your friend’s home or wherever you need to go. This way you get your workout in and save the earth!



clothing,undergarment,lingerie,underpants,active undergarment, If you have your favorite television show you watch twice a week, rather than sitting and mindlessly watching, workout while you watch. This is a great way to multitask and you will also avoid eating snacks while watching your show. Easy way to find time for your daily workout and the time will seem to fly by!


Bond with Friends While Getting Your Fit on

clothing,dress,leg,thigh,muscle, Missing your friends and wanting to get in better shape; well combine the two and it is a winning success? Meet your friends and go for a bike ride or try that new Bootcamp class you have been dying to try together. Make new memories and get fit while you have fun together!


Invite Your Loved One for a Run

clothing,person,muscle,fashion,leg, Loving your new boyfriend and hating to say goodbye as you head to the gym? Well then don’t! Bond together as you head to the great outdoors and get your workout in. This is a great way to make the most of your time and who knows the endorphins may have him professing his love!


Get to Bed Earlier

hair,face,hairstyle,beauty,head, Get to bed earlier so you can avoid your body secreting the hormone cortisol, which can cause you to gain weight. Catch 7-9 hours of Zzzzs and you will have more energy tomorrow to embark on a super day! Recharge your body and mind with this sleep session!

With these tips to get your workout in every single day, are you ready to get your fit on? Then go out and do it, maybe I will meet you for a mile or two ;-).

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