7 Stretches You Can do While You're at Work ...


7 Stretches You Can do While You're at Work ...
7 Stretches You Can do While You're at Work ...

Did you know that human bodies were not built to sit for hours at a time? If you sit at your desk for 8 hours a day you can be causing stress to your muscles and your health. Typical sitting position at a desk is leaning forward with strain on your back and neck, which can cause muscular imbalances from sitting at work all day. And recent studies have proven that sitting all day is just as unhealthy as smoking. So stop slouching, take and break and stretch. And after you follow these stretches visit a coworker rather than sending them an email. Awake your senses, become more alert and better your health

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Lace Hand Stretch

As you are sitting at your desk or if you like stand up, lace your hands and stretch up to the ceiling. Now stretch down to the ground, next in front of you. Relax your back and awaken your senses because today is going to be a great day!


Overhead Tricep Stretch

Sitting in your chair, bring your arm straight up and fold it down to stretch out the back of your arm and tricep muscle. You are texting, mouse clicking and writing emails, it is likely you are tense in this area right now so relax.


Back Chair Stretch

Sitting at your desk, bring your arms back and brace your hands together. Stretch out your upper and lower back while relaxing your abdominal muscles. Perform this stretch to relax and do not let work stress get the best of you!


Neck Stretches

Roll out the stress in your neck and shoulders with some neck stretches. These stretches can release the tension from sitting in the same spot for several hours. And take a break to walk around at lunch, you will feel better and have more energy to accomplish more for your workday!


Reach Overs

Reach over and lean to stretch out your side to stretch out your oblique’s and hip flexors. Relax your body and mind because you are an amazing person that deserves credit for your hard work in the office. So stretch it out and get back to work!


Quadriceps Chair Stretch

Stand up and put your one leg on the chair, now kneel and stretch out the quads. This is a deep stretch that really gets into the muscle. And since we are not created to sit all day, get up and take a walk around the office building. The body and mind will feel like mush if you do not get moving!


A Little Office Yoga

Office yoga is absolutely perfect for texters, mouse clickers and those working at a computer all day in sitting positions where you tense your back and neck. So follow along with this video as they perform several relaxing stretching exercises like the neck roll. And release the stressors of the day!

So better your health, mind and body with the super stretches and feel alert as a result. Are you ready to stretch out your stress while you are at the office?

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Lol i literally just did squats and some ballet poses and this customer saw me and we both laughed about it, i told her she should join me.

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