9 Strength Training Exercises to do with Your Man ...


9 Strength Training Exercises to do with Your Man ...
9 Strength Training Exercises to do with Your Man ...

Did you know that a couple that sweats together stays together happier and healthier? Well it is true because 94% of couples that exercise together not only stick with the program but have better relationships. Fit people are not only fabulously healthy but they relish in their fitness accomplishments together and bond in the process. So are you ready to sweat it out as a team in training? Then check out these great partner exercises that I know you are going to love!

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Partner Push up

You can do these pushups with a clap to work your core even more and bond with your mate. Your goal should be to perform 5 sets of 10 pushups for ultimate fitness and health results. Are you ready to train as a team and work your body strong! Two powers are stronger than one so work together!


Ab Med Ball Throws

To work your core even more and bond with your partner, perform the med ball toss. Throw harder and with force, engage your abs and give it all you got! You get out what you put in so work it! This time around it is all about pushing each other in partner exercises to take it to the next level!


Med Ball Toss

Perform med ball rotational throws to work your upper body and core. As you look at this exercise being performed it may appear to be easy but let me tell you this is challenging. Amazing how much a simple med ball can work the body!


Med Ball Squat to Toss

Use your partner to work together and squat then toss the med ball to one another. Perform 3 sets of 10 with a 10 pound med ball to work your legs, arm and core!


Piggy Back Squats

Forget running those hills today. Work that lower body by performing piggy back running. Keep in mind this is only possible if you a partner that weighs in a near range to you. You do not want to overdo it so listen to your body to avoid injury.


Plank High Five

Have fun with your favorite effective core exercise while putting a spin on your normal plank with the plank high five. Make sure as you perform this exercise you tighten and engage your core muscles to make the most out of your workout!


Boxing Circuit

Put on your gloves and pack some power into your punch as you box your partner. Perform 2 minutes then switch. When you are being boxing, make sure to hold arms firmly in place with mitts on so you feel the burn.


One Leg Lunges

Lend a helping hand to your partner as they squat down and isolate the larger muscle groups on each leg individually. This is a great way to target the lower body, boost your metabolism and get in your best shape!


Elevated Push up

Work together and elevate to the next level with elevated pushups. This is yet another way to work together to challenge you to the next level. So have fun and challenge yourself to new results!

So now that you are ready for a sweet sweat, invite your partner for a fun fitness session so you can bond as a team in training. Are you ready to team up and work together?

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