7 Points to Consider While Buying Sports Apparel for Men ...

By J Mike

7 Points to Consider While Buying Sports Apparel for Men ...

Sporting apparel for men doesn't have to be boring anymore. Guest contributor Mike Walbert shares his tips on how to buy fabulous sportswear for your man!

Sporting apparel for men has evolved since the time they only included sweatpants, cotton T-shirts and a pair of sports shoes. Now-a-days, sporting apparel is designed to provide maximum comfort in movement from head-to-toe. A lot of research goes into the choice of fabric used for creating the apparel to ensure optimum performance. Another important factor is the concentration towards safety while performing any activity. Sporting apparel has extended beyond clothing and footwear and includes guards, watches, jackets, sweatshirts etc. among other accessories.

Some of the must-have sporting apparel for men includes:

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Dry-fit Tees

High quality dry fit t-shirts are a must for the gym as well as for sports practice. It is essential that the t-shirt has adequate airflow and loose folds to allow easy movements during practice sessions. Cotton is the material of choice for the majority of sports persons for its light weight. Lycra and polyester, however, absorb moisture well while improving breathing space.


Performance Underwear

Regular cotton underwear does not offer the same level of comfort when indulging in heavy physical activity such as sports or workouts. When selecting performance underwear, you must check if the fabric has sweat retention, minimizes odor and offers flexibility in movement. Dry cotton is most preferred since it does not allow moisture build-up.


Comfortable Shoes

Whether the sport involves light or heavy footwork, it is highly essential to be armed with an excellent pair of sports shoes that offers maximum comfort. Shoes that offer good traction help against any injuries, especially when you make quick movements. They even protect sports persons from blisters, bunions, stress fractures and other injuries.


Athletic Shorts/Pants

Whether you opt for a pair of shorts or pants, it is advisable to pick highly rated brands with breathable mesh as they offer more ventilation. If the shorts have a silk inner lining, you can avoid any chafing, while an elastic band and 4-inch inseam will ensure a more secure fitting. Form-fitting, flexible shorts enhance blood flow when an athlete performs any activity ensuring optimal workout.


Comfortable Socks

Workout socks must have good stretch and should be made with breathable fabric. It is better to opt for cotton socks as they absorb moisture from sweat. Also, they are designed to enhance blood flow and destroy harmful bacteria that cause foot odor.

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Watch with Timer

A watch is a must-have accessory for any sportsperson and sports watches come with many additional functions such as timer, pulse rate display, heart rate measurement, calculate work rate, speed and power output etc. Such sports watches can be worn on the wrist and also around the chest.


Athletic Headbands

Headbands are an essential accessory for athletes and those who work out regularly. These comfortable headbands are generally thick and are made from materials that are designed to absorb as much sweat as possible from the forehead and scalp. When selecting an ideal headband for the everyday workout routine, an individual must look out for thick material, which can absorb the maximum amount of sweat, and in neutral shades and hues.

Sportswear technology has advanced to a great extent and special attention is paid to a sports persons’ specific requirements depending on the kind of sport s/he plays.

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