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What It's like to Hit the Gym after the Holidays ...

By Tara

Amazing how after the holidays all these unfamiliar faces pop up at the gym all trying to reach their goals. The gym equipment is now full, your normally quiet gym environment is now booming and the same equipment that is normally empty is now swarmed with unknown faces. You have to actually wait for some of the popular equipment like the treadmill and it is frustrating. So how do you stay on track, meet your goals and not be distracted by so many distractions? Well let me share my tips to help you keep your eye on the prize, results!

1 It is Booming

After the holidays, all unfamiliar faces pop up all for the greater good of working to lose the holiday weight gain and start the New Year strong. Your normally quiet gym is booming with people but don’t let this distract, embrace change because these people all have goals just like you!

2 Classes Are Now Full

The workout classes that barely had life are now packed to the brim. You see lots of new faces with focus and excitement. So do not get frustrated, get to your classes earlier to get a spot and embrace the ambition of newcomers. In fact offer to be their mentor if they need it!

3 You Now Have to Wait for Gym Equipment

Gone are the days when you could pick out any gym equipment without having to wait. After the holidays you have to sign up for the treadmill and book your time. Before you get upset and feel unmotivated, life some free weights until your booked time. To achieve your goals, you have to be ready to adapt for any obstacles that may come in your way!

4 More Focused

As newcomers are taking over the gym, do not lose focus from your goals. In fact use this time to show off all your workout skills. You worked hard to build up your treadmill pace to a 6:30 miles, so pound it out in style; you earned this! Get motivated and inspire the newbies around you!

5 You Have Now Longer Have Access to What You Want

You run into an issue due to high traffic that you are unable to use the treadmill until 9pm and it is only 5pm. Before you pack up your gear and head home, be ready to adapt. Use the rowing machine, elliptical or bike and switch it up for today. Change is not a bad thing, especially when it comes to fitness. Your body may respond with greater results!

6 It is Not Busy Early for Long

If you are a morning exerciser and after the holidays, your normally dismally populated morning workout time is now booming, do not be shocked. This is part of the New Year resolution goals for most people. Be patient because it is likely due to life, in a few short weeks people will be switching to evening workout times and you may not even see them. So hang tight and keep working out!

7 You Can Achieve Your Goals Even While Waiting

While you wait for the treadmill you can use this time to take the newest fitness class or test out another piece of equipment. Do not fall off the program because you have to wait. Waiting is a part of life we all have to do at one point or another; so stop stressing and get moving with another workout!

Now that the holidays are over and the gym is packed, be there to workout, inspire the newbie and meet your goals. And make this year your very best year! You deserve it!

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