What to do Today if You Worked out Hard Yesterday ...


What to do Today if You Worked out Hard Yesterday ...
What to do Today if You Worked out Hard Yesterday ...

If you worked out super hard yesterday you are probably thinking today would be a good day to take off but this is not always the case. It really depends on what you did for your workout and also how your body responds to recovery since everyone is different. To figure out what works and what does not, try all of these solutions and choose to do what works best for you. Rest, stretch, ice, elevate, massage or even focus on a different muscle group to alleviate soreness and expedite muscle recovery. The quicker you recover the sooner you will be back exercising strong and happily!

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If you are so uncomfortable because you worked out just so hard yesterday you may want to plan the day after as your rest day. Take a day off from your fitness routine and give your body a much needed break! Sometimes a rest day is just what your body needs!



If you feel super tight and your muscles seem to be fighting back when doing simple tasks like walking or bending down, it is time to listen to your body. Drink plenty of water and stretch out the soreness. Your body will thank you in a few days when you feel better!



Ice out your sore, tired, worked muscles and take a giant step in recovery. Ice will help you to bring down the inflammation in your swollen muscles from exercise. So ice your sore muscle areas or better yet take a 15 minute ice cold bath like the pro athletes do.



Elevate your feet to increase blood circulation and have a more speedy recovery. Whatever exercise you did yesterday it is likely you tore muscle fiber in a good way and elevating your feet will most certainly help you to recover.



Massage your body with an tool like the Roll Recovery R8. This personal massager will help to alleviate muscle soreness and speed up your recovery from your ultra-intense workout. And you can purchase a massage tool e at any local running store or even some physical therapy offices. And I promise you will be glad that you did!


Focus on a Different Muscle Group

Focus on a different muscle group than the one that has been taxed to give your sore muscles a break. And if every muscle aches except your core, focus on your core and work hard to achieve something more. You will feel like a new person the following day!


Go for a Light Cardio Workout

I find the best way to speed my recovery is to actually work out. I do not mean work out hard or even at a medium intensity but just some light exercise. This is called active recovery and there is scientific support that this truly works. Even after running a marathon, I run light the next day to speed recovery and I am always glad that I did. It takes me a matter of days to recover from running a 26.2 mile race so it obviously works!

So now that you know what to do after you worked out super hard. Are you ready to follow my super easy and effective tips?

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