Dorm Friendly Workouts Every Student Should do ...


Dorm Friendly Workouts Every Student  Should do ...
Dorm Friendly Workouts Every Student  Should do ...

Want to avoid the Freshman 15? Then get exercising! Your busy schedule might not always allow you the time to head over to the gym for a workout, and that’s totally understandable. But it’s still not an excuse when you have all of these dorm friendly workouts as alternative options. Luckily, it isn't 1980 any more, and exercising doesn't require jumping and kicking all over the place. That's why you can easily get in a great workout every week without even leaving your dorm.

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I don’t think anyone can honestly say that they find abs unattractive. Even if you don’t want bulky body builder muscles, some definition on your abs is still part of the end goal. Abs are a sign that you’re eating right, working out, and an overall healthy person. But… how do you get them? It’s not from doing hundreds of sit-ups every day; rather, you can get incredible abs from doing videos just like this one! Fun, intense, and perfect for space-challenged rooms like college dorms.



No matter how hard you work on them, your abs won’t show unless you’re doing cardio to melt off the fat between your abs and the rest of the world. When you hear cardio, you might run and hide under your desk, flashing back to being forced to run the mile in high school P.E. But don’t worry, there are so many alternative exercises that get your heart rate up without making you totally miserable. I love Fitness Blender for cardio workouts, because theirs are great for dorm rooms and they have a calorie-burning count that follows you throughout the workout!



Let’s be honest ladies, we all have that special time with the mirror each day when we check out our booties. Is it a perky day, or a flat day? Are you a peach or a pancake? Well, it’s time to put an end to the constant questioning by getting such a cute butt that you never have to wonder again! Butt workouts like this one will help you accomplish that. Don't worry about the weights; you can use water bottles instead, or nothing at all and still get an awesome workout!


Lower Body

Having a great butt is definitely a goal, but a cute butt and jiggly thighs would just look awkward! Make sure you work out your entire lower body from time to time—even though the soreness might nearly kill you the next day! The best part of this combo workout? It doesn't require ANY equipment! So what's your excuse?


Arms and Abs

Another killer combo is arms and abs. This workout was actually adapted specifically for dorm rooms, so why wouldn't you try it? Plus, it's a workout for women, so it's going to help you get the lean muscles you want, rather than bulky shoulders and biceps. Unless you're into that, then by all means throw in extra pushups to the routine and show us what you're made of!



My favorite workouts are always fusion workouts. They're so fun and interesting that they hardly feel like exercise! That's why I'm so happy to live in a world where something like Pilates and belly dancing fusion exists! And, as an added bonus, it's totally dorm-friendly!



Yoga is essential to my workout routine! I try to do yoga at least once a week in order to increase my flexibility, relieve stress, and burn calories! It really is a great workout—not just napping like some people might think! But don't take my word for it, try for yourself!

All I have is a yoga mat and an itsy bitsy corner of my dorm room dedicated to workout space, but it works! So far, I even think I'm losing the Freshman 15! You can look better and feel better too if you throw just a few of these workouts into your schedule each week. What other dorm-friendly workouts do you recommend?

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I find really defined abs on girls kinda gross. Even the really defined abs on guys are kinda gross to me too

Love this post!

I never go a day without a cardio and yoga workout. Great list!

Yay blogilates!!!

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