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9 Fitness Challenges Only Fit Girls Can Undertake ...

By Jennifer

There are fitness challenges (easy!) then there are Fitness Challenges (everything hurts and I'm dying!). If you're tired of the easy workouts, and you're looking for one that'll make you sore for days, here are a few fitness challenges just for you. To see each one full-sized, just give it a tap.

1 30-Day Abs & Squats

30-Day Abs & SquatsSee more at:
This challenge targets our most-mentioned "problem" areas: our butts, thighs, and abs. It starts off simple, but it escalates quickly.

2 3-Week Arms

3-Week ArmsSee more at:
All you need to sculpt your arms is three weeks and a set of hand weights (maybe 3 pounds in each hand).


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3 50 Pushups

50 PushupsSee more at:
Can you do 50 pushups? I can do about five. Do this challenge though, and in 30 says, you'll be doing 50 pushups. Wow!

4 27-Day Squats

27-Day SquatsSee more at:
I shudder to imagine how my legs would feel after 100 squats, but... I mean, I also imagine how good they would look, so it's worth it.

5 21-Day Butt-Lifting Challenge

21-Day Butt-Lifting ChallengeSee more at:
Am I saying you'll have Kim K's enviable butt in just three weeks? Well, no. But you will have a much more toned tushie, and that's even better.

6 2-Week Plank Challenge

2-Week Plank ChallengeSee more at:
Okay, I've tried that starfish-looking plank and I've fallen on my face. But I'm willing to try it again for this challenge... are you in?

7 14-Day Butt & Core Challenge

14-Day Butt & Core ChallengeSee more at:
Who doesn't want a better butt and stronger core? I know I do... so I'll give this challenge a try. It's only two weeks, right?

8 4-Week Squats Challenge

4-Week Squats ChallengeSee more at:
Remember a while ago when I said i thought 100 squats might end me? Well, this challenge ramps up to 200 squats. I may require medical assistance after, but I'll have an awesome butt.

9 30-Day Six-Pack Abs

30-Day Six-Pack AbsSee more at:
I don't want to have a six-pack, really. I'd just settle for losing some of this muffin top. This challenge will def get it done.

So... which one of these challenges do you want to try first? Or is there another challenge you're working on?

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