Give Your Arms Your All with These 7 Workouts ...

By Tara

Give Your Arms Your All with These 7 Workouts ...

As you put on your summer wear, you may feel slightly self-conscious in sleeveless tops or maybe you are noticing you are lacking the upper body strength you always wanted. Well, stop stressing and get going with these great workouts. As a trainer for over a decade, I have performed all of these exercises and they are all amazing. So follow along and get ready to take the next step to achieving unbelievable tank top arms!

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Arm Circles

To sculpt your upper body, perform arm circles in alternating directions like in this video. This exercise will work your arms and shoulders to help you to tone, sculpt and rev your metabolism. So start moving your arms and work your upper body with arm circles.


Diamond Pushups

Diamond pushups primarily work the tricep muscle. To perform, put your hands together in a diamond shape, as in the video, and lower your chest down to the ground. As a beginner, feel free to perform this exercise with your knees down. As you build up, work your way to 3 sets of 15.


Tank Top Arms Workout

Perform one round of 7 different exercises with dumbbells to give you resistance and help sculpt your arms to perfection. Follow along as you extend your arms with slow, controlled motions to avoid using the momentum of swinging your arms to lift the weights. Follow along and give it your all!



Focus on bettering your form and increasing your upper body strength by working yourself to performing a handstand. To begin, feel free to use the assistance of putting your feet up against the wall. As you perform this more often, it will only become more achievable. So go ahead and give it your all!


Tracy Anderson Sexy Arms

Get sexy, slim and sculpted arms by following Tracy Anderson. This arm series takes just under 4 minutes but as you get stronger, you can just bump this up to several sets. This workout pushes your accessory muscles to help you to have dainty, feminine and strong arms.

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Military Pushups

Put your arms to the test by performing a military pushup. Military pushups target the muscles of the shoulders. Put your arms below your shoulders and keep your elbows tucked in as you lower to the ground. This exercise is ultra-challenging and will work your upper body, so give it everything you've got.


Monkey Bars

Recapture childhood playtimes by putting your arms to the test with 9 different moves you can do on the monkey bars. Do not just watch but try these exercises for yourself. You will be amazed by just how challenging they are. From arms, to abs, even to your core, try this to push yourself for something more.

Now are you ready to isolate your arms? Then get moving along to these super workouts and get ready to achieve amazing, strong arms!

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@Tara Zimliki: How often should one perform these exercises per week to see results?

@Tara Zimliki: Thanks for your response, not all AWS writers answer my questions.

I wish I could do a handstand, but being plus size makes a lot of fun exercises impossible.