Shed Unwanted Pounds with These Calorie Burning Workouts ...


Shed Unwanted Pounds with These Calorie Burning Workouts ...
Shed Unwanted Pounds with These Calorie Burning Workouts ...

If you’re like me then you want your workout to count. You want maximum benefits. If you’re looking for a workout that has a high calorie burn then these’re 7 options to try. I hope you find an exercise here that you love to do. Working out shouldn’t be a drag!

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Spin Classes 🚴

clothing, active undergarment, muscle, arm, thigh, Spin classes are intriguing to me, as I’ve never taken one. However, I’d certainly be up for it if it was an option in my area. You can burn as many as 600 calories per workout. This means that your maximum calorie intake can go up a little more if you’re dieting and it still won’t show on your hips. Who doesn’t love a benefit like that?



human action, clothing, human positions, active undergarment, muscle, The P90X is a workout routine that you follow along with on DVD. This’s a great option if you can’t squeeze in time for the gym or classes outside your home. It’s also a wonderful idea for moms that don’t have childcare. You can work out with your baby nearby. This workout burns up to 600 calories during each session. It feels challenging at first but over time your endurance builds up.


Stair Climbing

clothing, arm, muscle, leg, organ, If you have some stairs close to you where you could put in a good workout then go for it. You’ll burn 540 calories in an hour by stair climbing. You’re also outside enjoying our beautiful world if that’s motivating to you. Some people find outdoor workouts refreshing. While I’m an indoor workout girl, I understand why a person could love this type of workout.



clothing, active undergarment, muscle, thigh, undergarment, I’ve taken Zumba classes and what stuck out most to me was that it was so much fun. I left the class feeling positive and energized each time. It’s a huge calorie burn at 500-1000 calories per workout. If you’re trying to shed some pounds then this’s a great choice. What I love most about it is that you don’t feel like you’re workout out as hard as you actually are because you’re having so much fun.



clothing, swimwear, muscle, thigh, leg, I admire runners! I’m not a runner but I’d like to take up this exercise. It’s another exercise where you can choose a beautiful location to enjoy the scenery while you sweat. Running burns at least 550 calories an hour. With that kind of calorie burn, you’ll be looking sleek and fit in no time.


Rowing 🚣

active undergarment, clothing, brassiere, underpants, undergarment, Rowing machines offer you the advantage of being able to work out within the comfort of your home or in a gym environment you love. It’s a 600 calorie workout when you put in an hour. As with almost any of these workouts, you can also choose to put in a half hour for half the calorie burn. That’s still a great pay-off. Plus you’ll gain beautiful muscle tone.


High Intensity Cardio

clothing, human positions, active undergarment, leg, muscle, Cardio workouts of any kind is going to give you a good calorie burn. Some are going to give more than others, of course. But if you’re getting your cardio then you’re going to get results in the calorie burning department. On top of that, your body is going to give you rewards such as looking good and feeling good. You’ll be healthy and that’s most important of all.

These’re 7 high calorie burning workouts. What’s your favorite way to work out? I look forward to hearing from you!

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I am on vacation and staying in a five story building and can't wait to climb the stairs. There is no gym so I'll be doing some yoga, personalized cardio, and lots of stair climbing to burn calories while I'm here. Also I have one of those spinning machines ordered and can't wait to try it out! I also love the elliptical. You will burn some major calories with that!

Zumba is the best i have so much fun ❤️

Running..I love it 😍

Running for sure!

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