One Machine One Perfect Body 7 Awesome Elliptical Workouts You Must See ...


One Machine  One Perfect Body 7 Awesome Elliptical Workouts You Must See ...
One Machine  One Perfect Body 7 Awesome Elliptical Workouts You Must See ...

The elliptical machine is one of the top rated pieces of workout equipment and for good reason - it works without excess wear on the body. For those of you that are unable to run, you may find peace of mind knowing an elliptical workout will have a lot less stress on the body and you will still feel the burn. You can achieve your perfect body by doing great elliptical workouts like these:

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Try This 32 Minute Interval Training Elliptical Workout

Work out hard, go all out, give it all you got for a short time period, then rest and repeat. This is a high-intensity interval training that will help boost your metabolism and jumpstart your weight loss. This training also breaks up the monotony of your workouts. So keep going and make the decision about who you want to be today!


There Are Several Things You Can do to Increase Calorie Expenditure

To up the ante on your elliptical workout there are several things you can do, like pump your arms, increase speed and raise the elevation. In this video, they explain just how to maximize your time on the elliptical and make the most of your exercise time.


Go to Work on Your Abs on an Elliptical

Did you know that if you quicken your pace and avoid holding onto the elliptical, you will work your core? Yes, that is correct. You may find yourself feeling off balance so you will have to use your core. So tighten those abs and work your body with a super elliptical workout!


Try This 4-3-2-1 Workout

Interval workouts are a great way to increase your calorie burn without a repetitive pace. This lowers your risk of an injury and will help you get cut, lean and lower body fat stores. So check out this great 4-3-2-1 workout and get ready to push yourself like you never have pushed before.


Try These Basic Elliptical Workouts

To boost your heart rate, burn calories and avoid the pounding of the treadmill, you should definitely integrate an elliptical into your workouts. Follow the tips in this video to help you get started achieving great results!


Get Ultra Flat Abs and a Tight Butt

Follow this trainer as he discusses pushing through your heels so that you can feel the workout in your core and glutes. In order to achieve the best results, you want to squeeze the muscles you are working and push yourself to work harder! So contract your abs and glutes as you go through the elliptical strides!


How to Lose Weight on an Elliptical

This video explains how anyone can work out on the elliptical because there is low stress on the joints. If you had an injury and running is a thing of the past, you may find relief in the elliptical to boost your calorie expenditure without the excess pounding on your joints. So get your workout gear on and get moving!

So if you are ready to get in shape and push your body to the next level, get up and get on the elliptical starting today!

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