11 Amazing Things That Happen when You Exercise in the AM ...

By Tara

11 Amazing Things That Happen when You Exercise in the AM ...

There is nothing better than getting your workout in bright and early. Wake up with the sun and get an early start on your day. You will have more energy, feel better, boost your metabolism and even think clearer. And the best part is that you will get your workout out of the way so it won’t hang over you as a task you need to find time for. You will never have regret for waking up early for the betterment of your fitness and health. So if you need some more convincing, here are the things you shouldn’t forget when you exercise in the AM!

1 You Will Have More Energy

You Will Have More Energy It is amazing how a sweat session can awaken your senses and get you going, especially in the wee hours of the morning. So get up, get going and make sure you get your workout in bright and early. You will have a surge of energy to get you going strong for the day!

2 You Will Feel Better

You Will Feel Better If you are feeling down and out and life is not going your way, get up for your workout. A fitness session will give you a surge of endorphins released in the brain. These are happy chemicals that will make you smile and feel super for the day!

3 You Will Quicken Your Metabolism

You Will Quicken Your Metabolism You will boost your metabolic rate by working out in the early morning. It is amazing how an early workout can help you to burn fat more effectively. So rise early, slim down and get in your best shape!

4 You Will Get a Head Start on the Day

You Will Get a Head Start on the Day It is incredible how an early workout can help you to get a head start on the day. I find on my exercise days I am on fire with energy and accomplish so much more. And this is all put into perspective when I talk to someone on the phone at 8am and I have already exercised and accomplished a list of tasks. You just get more done in your life when you work out!

5 You Will Think Clearer

You Will Think Clearer An early morning workout will get your brain on the right path as you think clearer and remember more. You will have your best ideas and solve the most problems on the days that you choose to work out in the morning. So set the alarm and make sure you get your fitness session on!

6 You Will Get Your Workout in and out of the Way

You Will Get Your Workout in and out of the Way There is nothing more annoying than having your fitness workout as a task to get done and have the day seem to fly by. In the back of your mind this workout is sitting there because you know you have to get it done. And it seems like your motivation is dwindling as the day goes on. Solve this annoyance by getting your workout in nice and early.

7 You Will Have No Regrets

You Will Have No Regrets The only regret you will ever have is if you hit the snooze button and miss your workout. So make sure you get up and get your sweat session on. You will be glad you dragged your sleepy head out of bed. And your body will thank you with great results both inside and out!

8 You Will Have an Amazing Social Life

selfie, nightclub, disco, If your current friends aren't that into running or working out at the crack of dawn, there's a different crowd of people at the gym at that time. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people!

9 You'll Have Flawless Skin

face, person, photography, beauty, girl, Better skin means less makeup. You'll have a nice post-workout flush!

10 Burn More Fat

human positions, room, physical fitness, You could burn up to 20 percent more body fat by working out on an empty stomach. This will jump-start your metabolism first thing. Be sure to fuel up and recharge post workout with a balanced breakfast.

11 You'll Have Amazing Hair

hair, human hair color, clothing, photography, blond, You can wash your hair after working out for a fresh look, or just keep it the way it is--you can have a stylish braid or up-do! Simply blow dry your hair and use dry shampoo for an on-the-go look.

So don’t forget to rise and shine early with the sun. You will be so glad that you got your workout in and you will feel like a champ! Do you workout in the morning? Comment below!

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So true but exercise is better than nothing

Best way to start the day. ALWAYS.

I exercise in the morning everyday and it is what starts my day off right. I feel terrible without my workout

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