7 Undeniable Benefits of Exercising in a Group Fitness Classes ...


7 Undeniable Benefits of Exercising in a Group Fitness Classes ...
7 Undeniable Benefits of Exercising in a Group Fitness Classes ...

As a bootcamp fitness instructor and personal trainer for over a decade, I am fully aware from firsthand experience of the benefits of group fitness classes. Clients achieve greater results and work harder in a group setting due to instructor support and supportive class members. There is continued research that supports this and for this reason most gym fitness classes are packed, without a dry body in the room. To understand further, read the benefits of group fitness classes:

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You Are Not Alone

One of the best benefits of exercising in a group is that you are not alone. When an instructor has you doing a squat hold for several minutes, you can look to the fellow members felling the pain also. You can push each other while you are led by a professional. The “you are not alone” mentality is helpful in staying motivated and one of the most undeniable benefits of group fitness classes.


Meet New Friends

You show up at the same fitness classes every day at 7am. Who would have thought you would lose weight and make new friends? Studies show that people that sweat together, bond as well and you can actually make a great friend this way because you have a similar health interest - fitness! Some of my clients have made very close friends though my bootcamp classes and as the instructor, I have made some incredible lifelong friends as well!



Group fitness classes offer a variety to work different muscle groups to lose weight, tone and transform your body. In my bootcamp classes I offer a wide range of exercises to help my clients. In a group environment since members have so many goals, your goal as a trainer is to work the whole. Everyone wants a lean, hard body, right?



Sure you feel accountability with personal training but that is to one person, your trainer. But in a group fitness class you are accountable to the class members as well. How great is it to know the class members along with the fitness instructor care about your well-being? Accountability is one of the keys to success in fitness and all aspects of life.


Less Likelihood of Injury

Most people enter a gym and jump around on workout equipment with no drive or direction which often can lead to an injury or even workout boredom. In fitness classes you are led by a professional, in some cases even a certified trainer and you will stay motivated along with there being a decreased likelihood of an injury, as you have your form corrected.


Reduce Your Stress

The benefits of your workout and social interaction will reduce your stress levels. Have you had a hard day and need to destress? Then head to your fitness classes to burn some calories with like-minded friends and maybe even chat a little in the process.


Get Outdoors

Fitness classes are no longer just in gyms. You can try bootcamp classes in the great outdoors to have some fitness fun in the sun, lose weight and make new friends. This is a great way to add variety into your workouts!

Now that you understand the many benefits of exercising in a group, what are you waiting for? Head to a local fitness class and find a program that works for you! Happy health and fitness to you!

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