My Top Fit Mom Tips ...


My Top Fit Mom Tips ...
My Top Fit Mom Tips ...

As you look around at school drop off, you may notice that you and a few of your other mom friends have let their fitness go. Or maybe you notice it when you are out of breath walking up the stairs, finding it tough to chase after your two year old or your clothes that once fit have become dust rags. Before you consider this to be your long term future, you need to make a change. Be a healthy role model for your children and prioritize your health starting today with these top fit mom tips:

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Be a Healthy Role Model to Your Kids

Instead of raising your children with a house full of junky snacks and lazy habits, lead as an example of health. Be a role model to your children by practicing what you preach and living a healthy life. Stop sitting and get moving. Your children will follow in your fit footsteps and you will live an extraordinary life by their side!


Get out While the House is Asleep

If you are like me and time is of the essence, you may find sneaking away nearly impossible, especially if it is for you to workout. So rise and shine while the house is asleep to get your workout in. You can sneak back in and shower after your workout with plenty of time to feed and take care of the family. And you will start your day on the right foot!


Make Weekend Time Exercise Bonding Time

Instead of relaxing over the weekend having movie marathons and eating a big breakfast, rise early to hit the track for a family workout. My kids - 4, 9 and 11 years old - love our family runs and the track is the perfect place for all of us to come together.


Make Healthy Eating Fun

Healthy eating does not have to be a chore of daily salads, kale shakes and giving up all the foods you love. Eating healthy can be as fun as you choose it to be by making new healthy recipes, creating granola bars from scratch and making every day healthy decadence!


Live a Healthy Lifestyle Not a Diet

If you raise your children on a life of seeing you diet, they will grow up thinking dieting is normal. But if you live a healthy lifestyle, making healthy eating and exercise part of your life, your children will never expect anything less. This will just be their reality!


Use Kids Practice Time as Exercise Time

Don’t waste the time that your kids are practicing their sports by sitting in the car scrolling your phone. Use this time wisely to blast away fat and better your health with a great workout. There have been many soccer practices I have ventured on a run and I am so glad I did. Make the most out of your time and choose to be a fit healthy mama!


Recruit Other Mom Friends to Better Their Health and Fitness

As you reclaim your pre mama body and get in your best shape, do not be selfish: invite your other mom friends. You can help one another by sharing your goals to be accountable and possibly even getting out to work out together. This is a total win because then you can bond as you get your best shape and be the best fit mom role model to the family and for yourself!

So go and be the remarkable, fit mom you were meant to be and make changes to better your life. Live the healthy life you deserve by following these life changing tips!

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