10 Workouts for Women Looking to Burn Mega Calories ...


10 Workouts for Women Looking to Burn Mega Calories ...
10 Workouts for Women Looking to Burn Mega Calories ...

So you are looking to lose weight and burning mega calories is your goal? Then stick to the workouts that will torch calories and help you to get in your best shape. Certain exercises can help you to whittle your waistline, shed excess pounds and get in your best shape! These exercises will help you to work your total body and you will become fitter through the process. And what makes these workouts so high calorie burning is the intensity, so lace up your kicks and let’s get to it!

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Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope Jumping rope is ultra-effective in burning mega calories and pushing your body to the next level. In fact this workout can transform your body. Did you know jumping rope is actually the highest calorie expenditure per minute so grab your rope and get to it!



Running Running is not only super intense in helping you to burn a ton of calories but it is also great for mental therapy. I always finish my running workouts covered with sweat and with a smile. This workout is so rewarding because it is all about the strength that you have within. So did deep and give it all you got on your next run!


High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training High intensity interval training will totally kick your butt in a good way. You will burn loads of calories and feel absolutely amazing after completing this workout. The key is to stick to it and push through the discomfort because this workout will yield major benefits. This workout will help to elevate your metabolism for hours post workout!


Running Walking

Running Walking If you alternate running and walking you will find your heart rate alternating with highs and rests. You will actually burn more calories and get into fat burning mode by choosing to do this. And a major bonus is the walking portions are a rest for your lungs and legs.



Bootcamp Bootcamp is a great workout because you will target the total body and challenge yourself to get in your best shape. If you join a local outdoor bootcamp you will be wowed in your total transformation from day one to day thirty. Your strength and cardio gains will be tremendous.


Double Workouts

Double Workouts If you really want to burn calories and boost your metabolism, perform a double workout. The best way to accomplish this is to exercise in the morning and then again in the evening. This will help you to surge your metabolism and you will become a fat burning machine. I usually perform two double workouts per week and I have to say these are my favorite days of the week!


Resistance Training

Resistance Training Pump some iron to boost your metabolic rate because in just a matter of several weeks you will build lean muscle and burn more calories while at rest. You will notice your body change as you become leaner, tighter and in better shape.


Rock Climbing

hair, clothing, black hair, swimwear, hairstyle, Rock climbing is an awesome workout because it gets your heart pumping and works every single muscle in your body. Whether climbing indoors at a gym or outside on a mountain, you can burn anywhere from 400 calories or more per 30 minutes!



clothing, swimwear, muscle, supermodel, model, Summer is quickly approaching which means there's no excuse you can't jump in the pool and do some laps. Another exercise that's working the whole body, but a lot more low impact than others. And, switching up your strokes changes the amount of calories you burn as well, which means you have loads of options for high cal burning fun!



clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, lingerie, underpants, The latest trend in biking is fat tire biking; and it's not hard to see why! An hour of cycling with a fat tire bike allows the average person to burn nearly 1,500 calories! That means overweight people will probably burn more! This is one major cardio workout you won't want to miss.

With all of these workouts, it is time for you to get to it and get in your best shape. You deserve to be in your best shape so make a choice to lose weight and make changes starting today!

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