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7 Reminders to Fuel Your Workouts ...

By Tara

‌‌As you wake up ready for your daily cup of coffee, it may be
time to switch up your routine for the better of your health. Get up and awaken your senses by getting your workout in. This is a way better way than coffee to wake yourself up and you're taking a step in the direction to achieve your health goals. And to rev your motivation, use daily goals that help you set your day on the right foot. Get your body moving pronto. Remind yourself on a daily basis to push yourself so you complete your workout covered in sweat. Add a little competition into the mix - make fitness buddies both online and in person. There are countless reminders you can do regularly to rev up your workout and help you achieve amazing goals. So what are you waiting for? Get to it and make today better than yesterday!

1 Wear a Wireless Tracker

girl, fitte,Wear a fitbit or any other wireless tracker to track your steps each day. Set a goal of 10,000 steps daily to start and after a few short weeks kick this up to 15,000 per day. By wearing a wireless tracker you will have a constant reminder to get up off the couch and kick it up to the next level. Sometime we all need that extra push!

2 Set Daily Goals

person, sports, human action, physical exercise, arm,Every day you should set a goal for your fitness. Our bodies love exercise and you are only as strong as what you allow your body to do. So push yourself, rev up your workout and put your best foot forward each and every day!


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3 Make Sure Every Workout is Completed Covered in Sweat

clothing, leg, footwear, active undergarment, thigh,Every workout that you perform should see you giving it all you got and a great gage is the sweat you accumulate. If you are not sweating you are probably not pushing yourself enough. So push yourself to accomplish some greater and amazing results!

4 Make Online Fitness Buddies

clothing, turquoise, physical fitness, underpants, lingerie,Use fitbit or online groups and join forces with like-minded fit seeking folks like yourself. You can push one another when your motivation is lacking and also share results. This is a great reminder to get moving and also making yourself aware that you are not alone in this process!

5 Set Your Alarm

clothing, person, human action, physical fitness, vacation,Set your alarm bright and early to get up and get moving so you can get your workout in and out of the way. This will set the stage so you have more energy to accomplish tasks every day and in a few short weeks this will become a part of your routine.

6 Register for a Race

person, human action, beauty, portrait photography, grass,Register for a run, walk or even a bike race to increase your motivation. And once you register you will have to map out a training schedule which will be sure to help you keep your fit spirit high. Take it from me. I have run hundreds of races and this is seriously the best way to push you to getting on a schedule for your workouts. Training is essential!

7 Get New Fitness Wear

clothing, vacation, black hair, swimwear, sea,A great reminder to get in shape is purchasing new gear. It is amazing how a few new tops and sports bras can boost your motivation and push even harder. And you may find yourself working harder because you want to look fit in your new gear!

So use these reminders to rev up your workouts and give it all you got! You are only as strong and dedicated as your last workout so make sure you find time for your fitness on the daily!

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