Feel More Connected to Nature with These Activities ...


Feel More Connected to Nature with These Activities ...
Feel More Connected to Nature with These Activities ...

Certain activities can make you more connected to nature. Being outside among trees, with animals, by the ocean, or in a summer breeze give you an inner peace that is so inexplicable. Nature can be the perfect remedy for a broken heart or a stressed day. Humans can learn so much about life just by being a little more connected to nature and the environment around them. Here are seven activities that could do just that.

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Gardening makes you more connected to nature and especially encourages you to build a personal relationship with plants. It helps you appreciate the responsibility of caring for something that can't move, talk, or help its own self. Just to water a seed and watch it bloom into a beautiful flower shows you the true beauty this planet has to offer.



Hiking is not only great for staying fit, but also for sightseeing. This activity is usually done on a trail in the mountains or a sparsely inhabited rainforest. Hiking teaches humans how to get around unfamiliar places by the use of landmarks, maps, or compasses. Traveling on foot is a great learning tool because it makes you more acquainted to the natural sounds, plants, and animals around you.



Sleeping and eating outside can make you more comfortable with living in an environment that is far from your comfort zone. Camping teaches us how to survive in the wild, many times without a phone, computer, TV, or radio. While camping, you're less distracted by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This activity is definitely a great way to temporarily get away from a hectic lifestyle and become more unified with the natural things around you.


Horseback Riding

For centuries, the horse has been viewed as a committed warrior animal used as a means of transportation. Horseback riding cannot only help you become more accustomed to riding an animal, but also can get you around a lot faster than hiking on foot. A lot of riders use it as a therapeutic, romantic, or gaming activity. Horseback riding is great for sightseeing in the mountains or even racing. Plus, it helps you build a relationship with one of the gentlest yet strongest creatures to ever live.



Boating is always a great activity to experience on the world's waterways. Whether you've decided to take a cruise or go for a short sail on a yacht, just watching the waves is liberating. It's nothing like feeling the wind blow through your hair as you listen to the sound of rushing water. Boat rides can also be very exciting because you may spot sea creatures that you've never seen before like dolphins, whales, or even mermaids.


Scuba Diving

Like boating, scuba diving inspires you to become more familiar with the ocean and all that it sustains. However, this activity takes you deep and beyond to a world that is unlike our own. It gives you the opportunity to swim among creatures that you are normally not accustomed to being around. Scuba diving can be exhilarating and educational.



Skydiving takes a lot courage and trust. As one of the most frightening activities to do, this sport literally takes a leap of faith. Skydiving is a rush for those who enjoy it. Not only are you jumping out of an aircraft in mid-air, but you're also falling towards Earth at a high-accelerated speed. It breakdowns the fear of heights and gives humans a chance to view what's beyond the clouds.

Nature is a part of us and we are a part of all its glory and wonders. For humans and animals, it's definitely something we'll never be able to survive without. What are some other activities that make you more connected to Mother Nature?

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Love all these activities. I have yet to skydive and scuba dive (only snorkelling), however I hope to do then in the near future. Hiking and horse riding are my favourite:)

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