How to Write and Follow an Exercise Timetable ...


How to Write and Follow an Exercise Timetable ...
How to Write and Follow an Exercise Timetable ...

If you are serious about working out, sure you can just grab your gym gear and go, or put on your runners and hit the roads, but a successful workout regimen is best when planned. You are more likely to keep to a regime if it fits well in your lifestyle. Here is how to write and follow an exercise program:

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Make It Achievable

The first thing you have to consider when first writing out an exercise timetable for yourself, is how it will affect your normal daily routine. You must write your exercise programme to fit into this as neatly as possible, causing as little disruption to your day as possible.


What Are You Exercising for?

The second consideration is what type of exercise you intend on doing. Is it to complement a low fat or low-calorie diet or just to keep fit in general? Are you targeting specific areas such as belly fat or cellulite-laden thighs or looking to improve overall body tone? The type of exercise you choose is just as important as how long you spend doing it so you should understand which exercises fit which purpose.


The Type of Exercise

The type of exercise might also dictate where you do it and how long you need to allocate to it. Will it be at home, in a gym or in another place altogether? A well thought out routine will be easier to maintain. So decide which hours and what will suit you the most before you write your timetable.



Most people work during the day, so mornings will be the obvious time for your first exercises. Make sure you are well awake before you begin anything. One of the best things you can do in the morning is to go for a jog before you have a low fat but nutritious breakfast. When you first begin jogging do not overdo it. Just a fifteen-minute outing will do nicely to begin with.

Lunchtime could be spent at the gym, where you will have access to all their equipment and will be able to get all the advice that you may require. Again do a short keep fit routine to begin with, and this will get you on the right track. Don’t then spoil it by eating an unhealthy lunch. If you are always hungry after exercise, do it before lunch or have plenty of low-fat snacks on hand for afterward. Also, be careful of the drinks you choose for when you exercise. Some so-called sports drinks are laden with sugars and certainly not good for anyone following a low-calorie diet.

In the evening you can use many methods of exercise, from weight loss game consoles or exercise videos that you can follow, to just doing conventional exercises like press ups or waist exercises. You will find plenty of ways to have a twenty-minute workout. This way you will ease yourself into an exercise routine that will become fun to do.



You should then progressively increase the time you actually exercise, increasing not only the time you exercise but also the routines that you are doing. Every week increase your routine two-fold. This will gradually increase your muscle tone and reduce body fat, without causing stress or strain to your body. It is important that you do things slowly without causing injuries, no matter how minor, to yourself. Remember even a small injury may set you right back to the beginning of your programme.


Ramp It up

As your muscle tone improves you will be able to use more sophisticated equipment at the gym, all the while having expert advice from whoever is there to help you. You will find that some equipment will suit you more than other pieces of equipment that are available to use. So concentrate on the one that gives you the best results and which you enjoy using. There is no point in doing something that you do not like as this will surely put you off altogether. Any exercise routine has to be fun to do and preferably with friends. You will meet new people when you join a gym and these people are there for the same reason as you are, so you will automatically have something in common.

The most important thing to remember when you first write out your exercise programme is that you have to start off slowly with every exercise you start. Then you can slowly build up to the more strenuous exercises should you wish to, all the while improving your fitness and therefore your overall health.

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