10 Yoga Poses for Women with Social Anxiety ...


10 Yoga Poses for Women with Social Anxiety ...
10 Yoga Poses for Women with Social Anxiety ...

If you get socially anxious, then yoga might be able to help you relax. After all, it does more than help your body. It also helps your mind. So if you want to make yourself healthier, here are a few different yoga poses that are capable of helping women with social anxiety:

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Fish Pose

This pose is called "the destroyer of all diseases." In order to do it, you should start by resting on your back with your spine straight. Then you should lift your pelvis off of the floor and place your hands beneath your booty, palms facing down. After that, you should bend your elbows and press your forearms down to lift your back. However, you should keep your head down.


Standing Forward Bend

You should start by standing up straight with your arms to your sides. Then, as you exhale, you should bend over while dropping your head. Try to touch the floor, so that your palms are next to your feet. Don't worry about your flexibility, because you can keep your knees bent if you need to.


Child's Pose

This pose is about as easy as it gets. You should start by sitting on your knees with your big toes together. Then you should pull your head toward the floor while your belly is on your thighs. Meanwhile, your arms can simply rest by your side. The point of this pose is to relax, so you don't need to do much else.


Legs up the Wall Pose

This is another easy pose. As long as you have a wall to lean against, you shouldn't have a problem with this one. After putting a pillow or blanket down to support your lower back, you should put your butt against the wall and place your legs straight up the wall. Then you can relax.


Tree Pose

This pose isn't all that difficult. All you have to do is stand up straight with your palms pressed against each other. Then you should lift one of your legs up in the air while keeping your pelvis tucked in. Once you do that, you should cup your hands over your lifted knee.


Head Stand Yoga Pose

This video will teach you a safe way to do a headstand. It'll take a few minutes to accomplish, but it'll all be worth it. So if you have twenty minutes to spare, you should take the time to watch this video and follow each step that the woman teaches you. Of course, if it's your first time trying to do a head stand, then you should make sure someone else is around to catch you if you fall.


Big Toe Bow Pose

This one is a little difficult, so you should only attempt it if you're flexible. You should start by leaning on your stomach with your elbows to the mat, but your chest and head up. Then you should bend one leg and reach around to the outside of it. After that, you should reach for your other leg and do the same thing. Then you should lift both your feet and your hands.



This is a fairly easy pose and is a great way to relieve the stomach cramps associated with anxiety. You can do the pose by getting on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. Inhale and arch the spine and roll your shoulders away from your ears. When you exhale, push the floor and round your spine. Do this at least five times for effectiveness.



This pose starts by getting into a downward dog position with your knees right below your hips. Lower the outside of your right buttocks to face the floor and have your right heel be in front of your left hip. Hold this pose for 4-5 breaths and exhale deeply through your nose. This pose is great in order to loosen your hips that are tightened due to anxiety.


Bound Angle

There are three ways in which to do this pose but the best option in order to relieve anxiety, would be the reclined bound angle. In order to do this pose, you should lie on your back with a block or blanket underneath your spine to open up your chest. This pose rebalances the body and mind from the heart, which can make you feel more calm.

Yoga can help your body, but it can help your mind, as well. What other yoga poses calm you down when you're feeling anxious?

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