10 Workouts to Have You Burning Stress and Calories All at Once ...


10 Workouts to Have You Burning Stress and Calories All at Once ...
10 Workouts to Have You Burning Stress and Calories All at Once ...

Hey girls!! If you want to work your butt off, burn off stress and smash mega calories you need to follow these workouts. These are workouts that as a trainer for over a decade, I utilize for my clients’ success and in my own personal workouts. So they obviously work or why else would I have my clients, or myself do them! These are the workouts that you finish covered in sweat and with a smile. And regardless of how hard a day you may have had, after these workouts you will feel weightless, accomplished and totally happy. So take a dose of happy with these super effective workouts starting now!

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human action, person, muscle, sea, sports, Running is a sport loved by many and dreaded by a great number of people as well. If you have been forced to run in a sports practice at some point or another you may see this workout as a form of torture but I will tell you otherwise. Running is not only one of the highest calorie burning exercises but it will also help take your stress away. I feel like with every strike of the pavement, I am whisked away from stress and brought to a happier place!


Running ignites a transformative experience beyond the sweat and burn. As your feet rhythmically hit the ground, endorphins, often referred to as 'feel-good hormones,' are released, acting like natural painkillers. This biochemical process not only alleviates physical discomfort but significantly uplifts your mood. Imagine the breeze against your skin as a cathartic release, each stride metaphorically shedding worries and tension. It’s a mind-body dialogue where every breath in sync with your movement propels you closer to inner peace. Remember, the beauty of running lies in its simplicity; no fancy equipment needed, just a willingness to start your journey.



human action, structure, room, overhead press, fitness professional, Interval training is an effective way to burn calories and push your body to the max. The best way to perform intervals is to exercise hard for 2 minutes, then easy for 2; repeat for up to one hour and you will kick your stress to the curb and burn mega calories!


High Intensity

High Intensity Push yourself to complete extreme for 8 minutes and then exercise easy for two minutes. Repeat for up to thirty minutes to give yourself a super sweaty and satisfying workout. Just make sure you put your best foot forward in this workout and exercise extreme. You will get out what you put in!



Boxing Join a boxing class or just invest in your own bag and gloves to box at a time convenient to you. Take your frustrations out on the bag and you will work your core, increase your heart rate and burn plenty of stress. Box it out and feel your stress relieved in no time!


Boxing isn't just about throwing punches; it's a full-body workout that engages your legs, hips, and torso, syncing them with the rhythm of your strikes. Not only does it hone your reflexes and improve your coordination, but it also helps to sculpt muscle and increase endurance. With each jab, uppercut, or hook, you'll feel your muscles tighten and your breathing deepen, proving that boxing is as much a mental challenge as a physical one. Whether hitting the bag or sparring in the ring, every session leaves you exhilarated and empowered, melting away tension alongside those calories.



Cycling Cycling is a super sweaty way to push yourself and work your total body. Since most cycling classes have bars that move you can work your upper and total body. So sign up for a cycling class and challenge yourself to alleviate stress and burn mega calories!



Swimming Jump in the pool for a variation of stroke styles or even some body exercises. Perform this regularly to push yourself and establish a regular fitness routine. And you may even find yourself craving your next swimming workout. It is said that exercising immersed in water will practically melt away the stress. Put it to the test with your next swimming workout!


Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope You think jumping rope is a child pastime when it is actually a super effective workout that you can make the most out of. So jump away to burn mega calories and make the most out of every fitness moment. And with each jump you will melt the stress away and chisel your body!



human action, sports, human positions, physical fitness, martial arts, As low impact as yoga is, it's actually a major calorie burner. Plus, since it is yoga, you'll be meditating and stretching to promote relaxation. So next time you're feeling stressed but need to hit the mats, try some good yoga!


Barre WorkoUts

dance, performing arts, sports, entertainment, team sport, While this doesn't seem like a major workout, many barre workouts actually boost your metabolism while scorching calories. A typical barre class and burn upwards of 650 calories! Plus, focusing on the movements will help you de-stress by getting your concentration on form rather than whatever is eating you.


Power Walking

human action, clothing, person, image, blue, Walking itself is great exercise-especially if you're trying to get into shape and you're starting at the beginning. But, by simply picking up the pace on your walks you're going to be burning some serious cals all at low impact. Grab a friend and y'all can use it as a therapy session to help you get all that stress off your chest and your mind.

So push yourself with these great workouts to shimmy away the stress, sculpt your body and get in serious sexy shape!

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Please don't ever just invest in boxing gloves and a punching bag. At least learn the technique from a certified trainer. You can seriously injure yourself if you do one wrong movement! I've been a competitive boxer, I know from experience


Tnx😘😘 I'm burning my stress and calories as a mad woman

Great post !

Dancing is the best one, even though it is not listed

Great way to have fun & burn calories

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