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Phenomenal Ways to Get Happy and Healthy as a Couple ...

By Alicia

It’s the perfect time to start brainstorming about ways to get healthy as a couple. A new year is just beginning and it’s a great time to make changes. It’s easier to get healthier when you aren’t doing it alone. These are some great ways to get healthy as a couple.

Table of contents:

  1. Work out together
  2. Encourage each other
  3. Learn to make smoothies
  4. Learn about nutrition together
  5. Schedule physicals and a date afterward
  6. Make it a competition
  7. Change your dates

1 Work out Together

One of the ways to get healthy as a couple is to work out together. Working out together can be a lot of fun as well as giving you the push you need to keep going. There are many different exercises you can choose from. You can jog, take a class or even go for a walk together each evening. As long as you’re exercising, you’re getting healthy benefits.

2 Encourage Each Other

Encouragement is so important when you’re on a quest to live a healthier life. Without it, it’s easy to give up when the going gets tough. It’s not hard to offer your partner encouragement. Telling them you believe in them or that you know they can meet their goals is enough. If you encourage them when they’re feeling low, they’ll probably do the same for you.

3 Learn to Make Smoothies

Smoothies are a great thing to learn to make when you’re trying to get healthy as a couple. They’re a great breakfast on the go, afternoon snack or even a yummy dessert. They’re tasty and have lots of healthy ingredients in them. There are hundreds of recipes that you can choose from online. I’ve learned that pretty much any combo of fruit, yogurt, milk and ice always ends up tasting good.

4 Learn about Nutrition Together

Learning about nutrition can seem very difficult at first. There’s so much to learn and so many viewpoints on how to eat for your best health. You can’t even number all the books written on this subject. Don’t let it overwhelm you, though. Stick with the basics and learn about it together.

5 Schedule Physicals and a Date Afterward

It’s a good idea to see your doctor before you begin any kind of change in your lifestyle. They can give you your baseline numbers as far as your blood pressure, cholesterol and others go, so that you can compare your results later. They may also have some specific advice for you about how to get healthy. Make appointments for both you and your partner to see your doctors for a physical and then meet up for a lunch date afterward. Looking forward to a fun afternoon after your appointments can make them easier to get through.

6 Make It a Competition

Another thing you can do to get healthy as a couple is to make it a competition. Of course you want to make it a friendly one, but it can be fun to compare things like who logged the most steps that day or who met their calorie goal the most days of a week. It’s another way to keep you motivated. Maybe you can set goals together and then celebrate when you reach them.

7 Change Your Dates

If you’re both trying to get healthier then you can tweak your dates a little bit to reflect that. Instead of going for dinner and a movie, maybe you could go ice skating or hiking together. There are lots of different ideas you can use to make your dates more active. Being active doesn’t always have to be a chore. It can be lots of fun, especially when you’re with someone you love spending time with.

Have you and your partner decided to try to get healthy together? What’s working for you? Share your ideas here.

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