Exercises πŸ’ͺ to Tighten Your Body for Girls πŸ‹οΈ Who Want to Get Rid of Jiggly Bits ✨ ...

Exercises to tighten your body are everywhere. Some of them target your thighs, some your butt and others your arms. Every girl wants a body that's toned and defined, but actually getting it can be hard. These moves target those specific areas that tend to jiggle. So, if you're wondering how to tighten your muscles, look no further than these easy moves.

1. Get Rid of Armpit Overhang

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You know what I'm talking about. That little bit of jiggle that forms when you wear a strapless gown. Good news! By adding a few sets of push ups to your routine, you can help firm that area up. Start with a couple sets of 15 push ups and add more as you get stronger. You'll be amazed at how much firmer you are in the armpit area. Talk about one of the best exercises to tighten your body!

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