7 Ways to Work out in the Water ...


7 Ways to Work out in the Water ...
7 Ways to Work out in the Water ...

Do you know the countless ways to work out in the water? If you would like to exercise this summer without that hot, sticky feeling, then water workouts may be just the right exercise for you. Water workouts can help you to get your exercise in without the pounding or stress on your joints when on land. And this is an optimal way to switch up your current fitness routine but where do you get started? Well let me share with you the best ways to work out in the water:

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Swim Laps

Swim laps in a pool or if you are a strong swimmer, swim laps in the ocean. By swimming laps you can get a super workout without feeling sweaty, sticky or clammy. Swimming laps is also one of the best ways to work out in the water without the excess pounding on your joints. Rehab facilities recommend swimming as a way to get a workout in and rebuild strength in your muscles; you should try this too!


Pool Walking

Try speed walking in a pool to work against the resistance of the water. If you would like to increase the intensity, wear weighted arm bands and leg weights. Pump your arms and walk back and forth for 20 minutes to burn calories while feeling the cool water around you!


Leg Lifts

Hold onto the side of the pool and kick your leg back behind you for 15 repetitions each leg. This exercise will help to tone your butt and legs. Just make sure you kick back purposefully and with power so that you can make the most out of this callisthenic exercise.


Weighted Belt Run

If you are a runner or runner wannabe, a weighted belt run in the pool may become your new favorite workout. All you have to do is purchase a weighted belt, put it on and pump your arms as you run in the pool. This is the perfect way to get a run in without the weight on your joints. Pool running has helped me recover from the one running injury in my life, a stress fracture, and I still feel strong 13 years later. Pool running really works!


Compete against Yourself

Just like any fitness routine, you perform best if you push yourself with a little competition. This does not mean you have to call up your friends and have a duel; try competing against yourself. Keep track of the time it takes to swim 15 laps and when you do the same workout several days later, compete against your last time. We can always be better and see more results, if we push ourselves.


Climb Away

Climb up and down the side of the pool to work your legs and butt. By doing so, you can work your legs in the pool in a different way than possible on land. Defy gravity, tone your body while you stay cool in the pool with your great leg toning exercise!


Vary Your Swim Style

Butterfly, back stroke, freestyle, side stroke and breast strokes are all different swimming strokes that you can do to target different muscle groups. Vary your swim stroke to switch things up and work your total body. Have fun with it and work on bettering your form in all these different stroke styles!

With all these great water workouts, hurry and dive in, there is a sea of water workouts waiting for you to try. Are you ready to your own water workout challenge?

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