7 Cool Fitness Gear I Love to Work out in ...


7 Cool Fitness Gear I Love to Work out in ...
7 Cool Fitness Gear I Love to Work out in ...

As I exercise each day I have certain fitness gear I love to work out in, and for good reasons of comfort and performance. The fitness gear I exercise in has helped me in many exercise events, and for this reason it works for me and my lifestyle. The fitness gear I prefer to work out in has become such a staple of my fitness regimen that I have purchased several. If you find something that works, it is best to stick with it. So let me share with you the cool fitness gear I love to work out in and I hope you do as well!

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Pearl Izumi Sneakers

Pearl Izumi Sneakers I have run in Nike, Asics, Brooks, Saucony and other brands of shoes, but several years ago I switched to Pearl Izumi sneakers and they feel great. My PI kicks are lightweight with just the right support, stability, and cushion. They feel like slippers and make me feel like I am running super quick! So they top my fitness gear I practically live in.


Fitted Shorts

Fitted Shorts I love running or exercising in fitted shorts because there is no extra material in the way of your performance. Studies show that people that exercise in fitted apparel perform better, are more focused, and have a higher weight loss, so invest in some spandex!


Low Rise Socks

Low Rise Socks I prefer to exercise in low rise socks that are dri-fit. They are more comfortable and better for your performance. You can purchase these socks at any sporting goods store.


Dri-Fit Material

Dri-Fit Material I love exercising in dri-fit material because this does not absorb sweat like cotton. Dri-fit material helps to wick or ward away wetness, which is great, especially in the cooler months of the year. I try to purchase all my running gear in this material when possible.


Sports Bra with a Thin Strap

Sports Bra with a Thin Strap I have sports bras with thin and thick straps but my ultimate favorite sports bras are the thin strap bras. If you get a well made brand, the support level is great and they are very comfortable. I look and feel stronger when I put on my thin strap sports bra because the support is just that good. Hope you love this support as well, because it helps to optimize your sports performance!


Running Hat

Running Hat I often like to exercise outdoors in a hat because you can protect your face from sun damage, stay warmer in cool months, and in the event of rain you will be able to finish your run without squinting through the rain. I prefer to wear my running hat in a dri-fit material to wick away sweat and stay cool!


Layered Attire

Layered Attire I almost always layer my workout gear because even on the coolest of days, after you get sweating, you may be wishing you were wearing less. I usually opt for a tank top with a long fitted shirt over and shorts layered with pants. As you exercise, your body usually warms up 20 degrees so dress in layers so you can stay comfortable.

Hope you have enjoying my tips on exercise gear that I love and I hope this helps your athletic performance, goals, and you enjoy it as well. What is your favorite fitness gear that you cannot live without? Have a great day!

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Thank you for sharing your fitness gear. I have a silly question though. I despise panty lines but love wearing form fitting pants and shorts. How do I avoid this? Lately I've been wearing super long shirts and sweatshirts that cover my bottom half. Suggestions anyone? What do you wear?

What brand of sports bras do you suggest?

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