How Working out with Friends Can Make You Get Fit Faster ...


How Working out with Friends Can Make You Get Fit Faster  ...
How Working out with Friends Can Make You Get Fit Faster  ...

Working out might not be your first choice when it comes to choosing something to do. But you probably know that getting regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps you control your weight, boosts immunity, prevents all sorts of diseases and can even improve a bad mood. All that being said, exercising alone can be a bummer so grab your bestie and work out together. Here's why.

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You're Super Supportive of Each Other

stage, musical theatre, singing, singer, Who better than a friend to help cheer you on and help you get to the finish line? A good friend will help you stay on track and you can do the same for her.


It Gives You Time to Bond

blond, screenshot, driving, just, feel, Say you're having a rough day and dreading your trip to the gym. Meet a friend there and a chore turns into a chance to chat and catch up, helping prevent you from skipping it.


She Doesn't Care How You Look

hair, human action, face, person, image, A good friend won't care if you're not wearing any makeup and your hair isn't at its best. So she's the perfect person to hang out with when you're in your workout gear.


You'll Feel Happier

person, Like I said above, exercise boosts endorphins, which improves mood. So making that workout date with your bestie will make you happy. I promise.


She Can Feel Your Pain

blond, Working, out?, Friggin, nightmare!, When you go for a run or take a yoga class together, you and your friend can complain about how tough it is and totally get each other. Perfect!


You Can Cheat Together

hair, person, hairstyle, glasses, sense, workout plan as your friend, you can enjoy cheat days at the same time too. Bring on the brownie cake with ice cream!


She'll Understand the Diet Food

person, interaction, wanna, lose, three, Chances are that if you and your friend are exercising together, you're also trying to eat better too. Who better to understand how tired of salad you are than your partner in crime?


You Both Hate This as Much as the Other

human positions, conversation, screenshot, sitting, Why, OK, even if you like to workout, there are probably times when the gym is the last place you want to be. Don't suffer alone. Ask a friend to join you.


She Means Her Compliments

sense, so-, When your workout buddy says you have great form of that you definitely lost an inch since yesterday, you can believe her.


You Can Shop for Workout Gear Together

selfie, Exercise is a million times more enjoyable when you have cute workout clothes. Before you hit the gym, hit the store and buy adorable outfits with your bestie.


You Can Take Her Criticism without Freaking out

You Can Take Her Criticism without Freaking out When you have a close friend on your fitness journey, you know she's telling you where you can improve from the goodness of her heart.


Competition is Motivating

clothing, swimmer, swimwear, muscle, supermodel, While you and your friend are sure to motivate each other in many ways, a little bit of healthy competition can enhance the benefits.


Failure Isn't so Harsh with a Friend

ice skating, figure skating, sports, skating, winter sport, Somehow falling off the treadmill or tripping over your feet in Zumba isn't so humiliating when your friend is the one who witnesses it.


You'll Try New Things

performance, audience, nightclub, stage, musical theatre, Are you a kettlebell devotee, but your bestie loves CrossFit? Working out as a team forces you to try new things. And I bet you'll find out that you love them!


Your Selfies Won't Seem so Weird

hair, blond, singer, model, interaction, Taking a photo of yourself in yoga might seem weird, but taking a selfie with your mat partner is perfectly acceptable.


You Can Laugh off Your Mistakes

human hair color, hair, blond, face, person, When you exercise alone, tripping, falling or screwing up is just embarrassing. Having a friend to laugh it off with can ease the humiliation.


She'll Make You Show up

person, sense, Knowing someone is waiting for you at the park for a bike ride sure makes it harder to skip a workout, doesn't it?

Why do you workout with a friend? Who is your biggest motivator?

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I disagree 100%. I used to pray that my friend wouldn't show up at the gym when I was there. All she wanted to do was talk. How can you concentrate on your workout with someone chewing your ear off! No thanks; I was more productive alone.

I wish! I know I have to run a mile (1600 m) in 8 minutes in April and it would be so nice to have someone to run with. All these tips are good.

Who else was singing with the Ariana grande gif? Lol

Hi how are you

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