10 Tricks to Steal from Men to Help You Stay Fit ...


10 Tricks to Steal from Men to Help You Stay Fit ...
10 Tricks to Steal from Men to Help You Stay Fit ...

It’s a sad truth that men tend to drop weight faster and build muscle more quickly than us women do. There are several reasons for that, but they aren’t what’s important. You can totally steal some tricks from the guys to help you get in shape fast and look great in your clothes. Wondering how you can harness your inner man and get your body toned, tightened and slimmed down? Use these handy tips from Redbook magazine and you’ll be well on your way.

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Quit Seeing Exercise as a Chore and Just Have Fun with It

clothing, structure, photography, room, muscle, Ever noticed how your guy can spend an entire afternoon playing a pickup game of basketball at the rec center or totally go all out on a bike ride? It’s because he’s having fun. Take a cue from your guy and choose a workout that you love and that you look forward to. Maybe it’s playing soccer or hitting a Zumba class. Whatever speaks to you works. When you love your workout, you’re going to get way more out of it and you’re more likely to stick with it.


You Have Tons of Options when It Comes to Fitness

human action, clothing, human positions, beauty, sports, Don’t get tricked into thinking that you have to join a gym to get in shape. You can easily reach your goals without any equipment or a pricey membership you might never use. Walking, running, biking or hiking are all things you can do for free and that get your heart rate going and work your muscles at the same time. You can do bodyweight moves at home for free too. Mix and match your workouts to keep things fresh and to keep your options open.


Take Pride in the Way Your Body Looks

clothing, leg, black hair, undergarment, thigh, When you care about how you look and feel, you’re more likely to take great care of your body and your looks. If you start to feel your clothes getting too tight, don’t get mad. Tell yourself that it’s time to do some routine maintenance and give yourself a shine. When you see things in this light, you can do a better job of looking the way you want without worrying about what others think of you. Because you’re doing it for you, not them. You know – like a man!


Embrace Your Competitive Nature

human action, hair, clothing, muscle, room, This might seem like a man thing, but there’s a lot to be said for some good old fashioned competition. After all, everyone wants to be the winner, right? Not only do you want to be better than the average person, but you also want to be better than your former self too. Challenge yourself to get better or challenge a friend to a friendly weight loss competition. You’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be!


Move on when You Get Too Good at Something

hair, clothing, image, human positions, girl, The same workout all the time teaches your body to adapt, which can easily stall your progress. When something starts to feel too easy or too boring, you know it’s time to take a break and try something new. You can always come back to your current workout when something else gets too mundane.


Find Someone to Hang with

clothing, winter, outerwear, fur, fur clothing, Men are so good at a casual hang out where they do something active without the pressure we ladies put on ourselves to make it happen. Gather a group of your like-minded buddies and choose a day and time for a group workout. Leave the pressure at the door and let everyone know to show up whenever they want. You’ll look forward to the social time, but you won’t have to feel bad if you’re working late or you want to indulge in happy hour this time around.


Put Yourself at the Top of Your to-do List

clothing, dress, girl, beauty, brown hair, Women tend to focus all their energy on other people, be it co-workers, a boss, a husband or the kids. This is great, but you also have to put yourself on the list. Stop feeling guilty about taking some time to get yourself into shape and just go for it. I know that’s easier said than done, but ease into it and before you know it, it will become a habit you won’t be able to skip.


Don't Be Afraid to Sweat

clothing, image, swimwear, beauty, sun tanning, If you're drenched in sweat, don't wonder if other people are side eyeing you thinking you look gross--sweating means your workout is working! Don't feel like you have to get all pretty just to go to the gym either...you don't need any makeup at all! Do as the guys do and just throw on your workout clothes and head out the door.


Take That Gym Selfie

clothing, active undergarment, undergarment, underpants, black hair, Guys shamelessly take pics of them working out at the gym, so why can't women do the same? Plus, sending these pics to your friends will keep you accountable to working out on the regular.


Celebrate Gains

hair, human action, person, black hair, photography, Did you reach a workout or fitness goal? Treat yourself to that burger and fries like the guys! You earned it.

Which of these tips are you excited to try out?

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