7 Sports Training Exercises to Better Your Performance ...

Depending on the sport that you play, there are specific sports training exercises you can do to help you perform better and more efficiently. These exercises will be targeted with the sport-specific muscles that you utilize. However, there are some exercises that all athletes should do to strengthen, help avoid an injury and perform at their peak. In fact, most of these exercises are vital to a healthy and strong athlete. As a personal trainer, I have trained clients from all levels of beginner to elite and utilized many of these exercises - and I utilize them in my own training as well. So find out the key sports training exercises to better your performance and show that you have what it takes:

1. High Knees

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High knees are a great cardio exercise that can help you to get in your best shape and better your athletic performance. Work your quadriceps and the rest of your lower half by lifting your legs up high and tightening your core. Since this is one of the best sports training exercises, make sure you integrate this as a regular part of your routine. Lift up those legs high and give it all you got!

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