7 Popular Types of Yoga and How to Find out Which One is Best for You ...

As a fan of yoga, I’ve done a good bit of experimenting with which types of yoga are best for others and myself. Yoga is one of my favorite ways to de-stress after a long day, and is also a fantastic way to start off the day. With each practice and movement comes strength, learning and flexibility. A toned body doesn’t hurt either, but the peace of mind is what keeps me coming back for more! If you’ve ever considered trying yoga, there are various types you’ll need to become familiar with to choose which one is best for you. I’ve chosen 7 of the most popular types, though there are dozens more out there. Try one of these popular types of yoga based on the descriptions and recommendations below. I think you’ll find in no time just how amazing yoga truly is.

1. Anusara

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One of the most common types of yoga is known as Anusara, or lyengar, yoga. It is often thought of as a “purist” form of yoga and the name, “Anusara” means heartfelt and accepting. Be prepared to adopt a spiritual practice behind this type of yoga since it often brings emotion into the class, along with all the amazing movements. It doesn’t fit into typical yoga classes with traditional poses. Instead, it is an expressionist form of yoga that teaches individuals to create their own flow and movement, instead of by abiding by certain rules. This yoga is said to be best for mood enhancement with an upbeat atmosphere, and moderate pace. It won’t push you too far, but does help with proper alignment so you’ll have a fabulous posture when taking this type of yoga.

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