7 Healthy Reasons to Take up Yoga ...


7  Healthy Reasons to Take up Yoga ...
7  Healthy Reasons to Take up Yoga ...

Whenever I hear about the hottest new fitness trend, I still turn to all of the many reasons to take up yoga. What I love most about yoga is that it is one of the few exercises that works your body and mind. It gives you a full body workout that leaves you feeling refreshed, not exhausted. And there are tangible improvements that you can see as time passes. Everyone has their own personal reasons to take up yoga, but these health benefits of yoga are just icing on the cake to a great workout.

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This may be one of the most obvious healthy reasons to take up yoga, but that's because flexibility is one of primary benefits of yoga. There are many types of yoga, but they all involve poses that will strengthen different parts of your body. It may take some time to become as flexible as a passionate yogi, but you will feel great when you are able to master a pose that you were never flexible enough to do before.



Another key benefit of yoga is it improves your breathing. You spend a good majority of your time focusing on controlling your breathing while in complex poses. Your body will get used to that controlled breathing and you will maintain proper breathing no matter what you are doing.



How can you be expected to do complex poses if you have poor balance? Yoga shapes your body and spine into creating the best posture and balance of your life.


Stress Relief

If you are living a high-stress life, stress relief is one of the top healthy reasons to take up yoga. Yoga brings together mind and body health to feel centered and relaxed. You will feel better about your body and will have a time in your day to forget about your worries and just tune your body.



The great thing about yoga is that it relies on your body to build your own strength. By using your own body as a weight, you can build lean muscles without having to lift weight at the gym. You won’t even know you are building strength until you see those awesome muscles in your tanks.


Inspires a Healthy Lifestyle

I know whenever I do yoga, I feel so happy and healthy that I want to bring that feeling into all aspects of my life. It inspires you to make healthier choices when it comes to exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices. Doing yoga is not only being healthy for an hour here and there, it will trickle into your entire life and lead you to live a healthier lifestyle.


Better Relationship with Your Body

When you do yoga, the whole workout is based upon staying in tune with your body. From your breathing to your posture, you need to pay attention to the way your body is responding towards your actions. One of the key ideas of yoga is to not push your body to the limits. They instruct you to find where your body says “enough” and to listen to it. When you can become in sync with your body during yoga, you will be able to become in sync with your body all of the time.

Yoga is one of my favorite ways to exercise and relax. I love that I get to stretch my body after a long hard day of work while relaxing my mind and clearing my head of all my thoughts. What did you think of these reasons to take up yoga? Why did you decide to take up yoga? Are there any other great health benefits of yoga?

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Its better to do it early in the morning and in the evening ..... Morning air is always fresh and doing yoga in the morning makes you lively throughout the day....

I originally took up yoga to ease my joints but since then I've fallen in love with it. Seeing progress is definitely a motivator!

Yoga does not just gives u physical n mental benefits , it helps your body heal as well and activate so many parts of your body that was not activated... Its not just good for outside its good for inside too :)

Is it better to do yoga early in the morning or right before going to bed?

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