7 Reasons Working out is the Best Medicine ...


7 Reasons Working out is the Best Medicine ...
7 Reasons Working out is the Best Medicine ...

Research promotes endless benefits of and reasons why working out is the best medicine. In fact, there is so much research supporting this that many physicians are now prescribing exercise to their patients. For fitness buffs, this is a dream come true, but for couch potatoes, not such happy news. The magic pill for better health lies in a regular fitness routine. To strengthen your bones, reduce your stress, better your eye health, prevent cancer and so much more, turn to fitness. Fitness is a panacea for all sorts of ailments. Here are a few of the reasons working out is the best medicine:

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Stronger Bones

Exercise strengthens your bones, helping to prevent the thinning of your bone density which can lead to osteoporosis. Keeping your bones strong is one of the many reasons working out is the best medicine. So pump some iron and perform weight bearing exercises to provide your bones strength!


Manage Stress More Easily

To reduce your stress levels and manage the regular issues of life more easily, get in your regular fitness session. Exercising 3-5 times in a week can help you to perform better at work, think clearer and stress less. So make sure you make fitness a priority.


Better Eye Health

There have been numerous studies that support regular exercise helps better the health of your eyes. People with a lesser risk of developing diseases of the eye just so happen to work out. There have also been numerous studies supporting a lower risk of glaucoma to avid exercisers. So lace up your kicks to exercise to better eye health.


Cancer Prevention

Dozens of studies have supported that you can lower your risk of cancer by over 30% if you are an avid exerciser. Exercise is one of the best ways to take charge of your health and in preventing cancer.


Less Pain

Feel less joint pain associated with stiff muscles by simply prioritizing exercise. Just 30 minutes a day can take the pain away and make your body feel years younger. The Arthritis Foundation recommends exercising daily to ease joint pain. So get up, get moving and your workout in!


Less Everyday Sickness

Did you know an everyday workout can help boost your immune system so that you get sick less? Spend more time feeling well and fulfilling your life by finding time for your fitness each day! Nationwide, companies are creating wellness programs that promote exercise because they find their fitter employees to be more productive and they take fewer sick days.


Have More Energy and Boost Your Mood

A regular workout routine is the best medicine for your and your body. I consider my workouts my meditation and therapy. After completing a workout, I have more energy and just feel better. To boost your mood and just generally feel better, make sure you find time for your workout daily. You can see a huge transformation in your mood by comparing the way you feel before and after your workouts.

Now that you understand all the reasons exercise is the best medicine, are you ready to start working out? Find time for fitness because you only have one life and who wants a life of popping medicinal pills when the natural medicine is hidden in a workout. Best of health, happiness and a lifetime of great workouts!

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Exercise is my everyday medication.Cant do without it.

Whether you sad, angry or sick... Exercise

When I caught the flu last month and didn't do any exercise for about 2 weeks, my body felt so stiff when I went back to work! Swimming is great for releasing back pain.

Thnx... Ur tips r always helpful..

Forget about being the best medicine, how about working out being the best anger management?? I know working out for a hard and long period definitely helps me blow off some hot steam

I got over with my postpartum depression by doing exercise everyday

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