7 Types of Exercises You Can Get Done in the Snow ...


7 Types of Exercises You Can Get Done in the Snow ...
7 Types of Exercises You Can Get Done in the Snow ...

There are exercises you can get done in the snow so you can take in the winter wonderland while getting your fit on. Some of these workouts are things you probably already do but you just did not realize you were working out. There are other things you can do to exercise even more in the snow. And you will burn more calories when exercising in the cold. So do not hibernate this winter season or feel the need to trap your workout indoors. Get outside and enjoy the white pretty stuff on the ground as you get your sweat on! If you are ready to get outdoors for a super winter workout check out the 7 exercises that you can get done in the snow!

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Snow Angels

Work your abs by laying on your back and making snow angels. To make the most out of this exercise, tighten your abs and wave your arms all the way up. Perform 10 and call it a day for this super effective ab and shoulder exercise in the snow!


Snowball Fight

Create your tightest snow balls by rolling hard and have a snow ball fight. Move your body into your throw to work your shoulders and engage your abs. And make you have some fun! Revisit your youth as you have a snowball fight with laughter!



Who knew shoveling could be such an effective way to burn calories in the snow. So shovel your driveway, walkway and even help out your elderly neighbor. You will burn calories and stay warm in the cold by shoveling this powdery stuff!


Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is fun for people of all ages because it is a great workout and also an experience to enjoy the sights. So venture out into the woods and put your fitness to the test with cross country skiing. It may look easy but you will be surprised just how much this will challenge you!


Snow Boarding

Snowboarding is an effective workout for you to enjoy in the snow that will work your core and total body. I am amazed at the amount of skill and strength you can develop from regular snowboarding. The only advice I have is to let go of your fear and just focus on form for a great workout and an incredible time!



Venture to the bunny slope and learn to ski. It will take some time to develop your set of skills but once you have it down, you will rock it! And the more often you ski the better you will get. So get to the slopes to work your body and have a blast!


Build a Snowman

Grab your family and head outdoors to build a snowman. Snowman building is not just for kids but people of all ages. To make the most of this workout, roll a large circle to make a bigger snowball and when you lift and stack this, use your core. One year the snowman was so large, I had trouble lifting it. And the next day I was sore as if I had a weight lifting session!

So enjoy the great outdoors as you exercise in the winter wonderland around you. And make new routines to challenge yourself in the cold and get your fit on! Wishing you a wonderful winter with great workouts!

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