Pro Tips to Develop Healthy Habits One at a Time ...


Pro Tips to Develop Healthy Habits One at a Time ...
Pro Tips to Develop Healthy Habits One at a Time ...

Want to learn how to develop healthy habits one at a time? When people choose to get into shape, they feel as if they need to multi-task, they feel as if everything needs done at once. Begin with one task! That is all you need!

First of all, talk to yourself as if giving advice to a friend. Are you following your own advice?

Have you decided it is time for a change? Focus on it and start small!

I decided to use a portion control plate. My small habit has been using such plate. Within three weeks, I have lost eight pounds. What have I made? A new habit - every day I eat vegetables, fruit and protein or carbs.

Associate your new habit with a trigger. Maybe every time you pee or take a break from housework.

What are some healthy habits to consider? Here are some of the to answers for how to develop healthy habits one at a time.

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Eat from Smaller Plates or Portion Control Plates

This helps you get the right servings of vegetables, fruit and protein/carbs for healthy weight loss and weight maintenance.


Eat More Lean Protein and Carbs

Meat, fish, poultry and pasta all give our bodies energy.


Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Natural nutrients.


Eat More Fiber

Helps eliminate waste and makes you feel fuller.


Keep Easy Healthy Snacks at the Ready, Especially at Night

Good for keeping blood sugar stable and no late night gorging.



You are in need of 150 minutes of exercise a week. Did you know the average clothing size of a United States woman is a size 14? 150 minutes a week helps to keep a healthier weight.


Drink Water

If your plan is to drink more water instead of soda, with the money you save by drinking water, treat yourself to something nice!

Support this new habit. Tell a BFF or your family. Use social media!

Find an accountability buddy who is going to give you a push when you need it.

Join a team where there is fun, fitness and fellowship in fitness and nutrition.

Remember, you can have all the motivation you need if you love yourself enough and truly want it.


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