Perfect Tips on How to Stay Motivated for Winter Work Outs ...


Perfect Tips on How to Stay Motivated for Winter Work Outs ...
Perfect Tips on How to Stay Motivated for Winter Work Outs ...

If you're anything like most girls, you're looking for how to stay motivated to work out in winter. It would be fair to say that, for most of us mere mortals trying to better ourselves through physical exercise, when the cold winter months start to approach, the motivation and willpower to work out starts to get smaller and smaller until it is almost non-existent! Even though getting out there in the low temperatures and pushing your body to the limit doesn’t seem like the thing you want to be doing around the holiday season, it’s important that you stay on track with your fitness mission, because once the will is gone, it is really hard to get back! Here's how to stay motivated to work out in winter.

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Start Small

One of the best answers for how to stay motivated to work out in winter is to start small. Don’t expect to get out into freezing temperatures and go on your usual ten-mile morning run; it’s just not something you should be thinking about! Instead, strip back your workout routine and do a few of the smaller, more manageable things to begin with. Doing these less intensive exercises won’t feel so meager because you will have the elements to contend with, and the most important thing is that you are still getting out there and being active every day, keeping your body fine-tuned and ready for the start of the much kinder spring season!


Be Prepared

In the words of "The Lion King’s" Scar, be prepared! It can be really invigorating to get out there in the cold to workout, but you need to make sure that you are dressed in the appropriate sportswear for the elements. Super cold weather can do more damage than good to your muscles if you don’t know how to protect them, so make sure to layer up and get your sweat pumping no matter what you are doing. It’s also a good idea to cover your ears with muffs or a hat because they get real cold real fast!


Set New Goals

Make your winter workouts a bit more interesting by setting yourself some new mini goals to achieve during the cold months. Write out a new set of challenges for yourself that, while not necessarily adding to your overall goals, can help you to get motivated to get out in the cold and keep working. And hey, you can always reward yourself with a blow out Christmas feast on the big day. Of course, you’ll have to work even harder in the new year, but it just might be worth it!


Find a Partner

Working out when you have lost the will is a lot easier when you have a buddy with you to keep you going. You never want to lose face when you are working out with someone, and that harmless competitive streak can be used to its full potential when the weather is doing it’s best to dissuade you from getting a sweat on!

I know it’s hard to even think about working out in winter but it’s really good for you. It takes your mind off the weather and it won’t be so hard to be motivated to work off any extra pounds you put on in party season if you’re already in winter workout mode.

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