How to Figure out How Fit You Are ...


How to Figure out  How Fit You Are ...
How to Figure out  How Fit You Are ...

Scenario One: You eat healthy and you work out regularly. Scenario two: You exercise but are not sure if you’re doing enough. Scenario three: You don’t exercise but you watch your weight and you think you’re healthy. In all these scenarios it would help if you knew how fit you are. So how do you work it out?

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Body Mass Index

human action, clothing, person, muscle, black hair, A good way of how to gauge your fitness level is to start by finding out exactly what your BMI, or body mass index, is. You can work out your BMI with an equation that takes in to account your height compared to your weight. Though it cannot pin point exactly your personal level of fitness, it can give you an idea as to your overall health and can be a great starting point for putting together an appropriate exercise program.


Body Composition

human action, structure, fitness and figure competition, bodypump, bodybuilding, Body composition is seen by many experts as an even truer way of gauging fitness levels. This is a process that is done underwater that allows somebody calculate the amount of fat to muscle ratio within your body to a nearly 100% accurate result. If you are not satisfied with the information provided by a simple BMI check, then a body composition check might be the thing for you.



volleyball, beach volleyball, ball over a net games, swimmer, muscle, There is a reason that the tried and tested push-up test is still a basic staple of the military training process - because it can give you an instant and simple indication of your overall fitness level. Doing push-ups works out both your upper body and your core, and tests out two of the most important areas of your physique at the same time. Essentially, the more push-ups you can do, the higher your fitness level will tend to be.


Core Strength

human action, clothing, active undergarment, muscle, arm, Testing out your core strength is an important element of gauging overall fitness, and there is nothing better to test core strength than the plank! It is one of the most dreaded exercises, but how long you can plank for is directly related to the strength of your abs and the strength of your back, which is the core region for determining how fit and healthy your body is in a broader sense. You should be working to lengthen the amount of time that you can stay in the plank pose.



clothing, footwear, tights, muscle, jogging, Endurance, the power to carry on when you are struggling, is a key factor in building up your fitness level. A great exercise for analyzing your initial fitness is to do a bench step up and down for six full minutes. This will then give you a base target upon which to try to improve your endurance and build upon your high score and personal best!


Body Measurements

clothing, muscle, active undergarment, thigh, arm, You can keep track of your improved levels of fitness and exercise by measuring a particular part of your body on a monthly basis. Your waist for example, will obviously shrink as your fitness increases and your exercise becomes more intensive. It may be hard to notice slight changes just by the eye, so actually measuring and noticing a reduction can fill your with motivation.


Challenge Yourself

, Gauging and then increasing your fitness levels is all about setting yourself new challenges once you have accomplished your original goals. Whether it’s pledging to do ten more squats than usual or staying on the treadmill for a further ten minutes, little by little all of these mini victories will lead a fitter and healthier you.



clothing, footwear, season, physical fitness, Your flexibility levels are important when it comes to fitness. It's easy to get used to sitting and stop working muscles that you need for routine tasks such as cleaning the house.


Heart Rate

clothing, tights, active undergarment, thigh, leg, We're always told to get our heart rates up during exercise- which is true- however, a low resting heart rate means you're in killer shape. With today's technology of trackers it's not difficult to find out yours. Normal is 50-100bpm with most resting around 60-80bpm.



clothing, human positions, thigh, muscle, leg, Balance is a good indication of physical fitness as well. Try running up and down a flight of stairs without grabbing the railing for balance. Do a 60 second wall sit without toppling over. The more you remain steady the more fit you're said to be.

Do you have a good idea of how fit you are? Or maybe it’s something you need to work on?

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