2-Minute Workout Videos to Keep You Fit and Fab ...


2-Minute Workout Videos to Keep You Fit and Fab ...
2-Minute Workout Videos to Keep You Fit and Fab ...

Don't say that your schedule is too packed to fit exercising into it. You don't need to work out for a full hour in order to see results. To keep your body healthy, you should at least set aside a few minutes per day to exercise. No more excuses, because here are a few 2-minute workout videos that'll keep you fit and fabulous:

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Six Pack Abs

For this workout, you're going to be doing a few simple exercises. However, you're only going to be doing each of them for twenty seconds apiece. You can handle that, can't you? You're going to start by doing leg raise holds for twenty seconds, then flutter kicks, then regular leg raises, then bicycle crunches, and then you'll finish the workout off with a plank.


Morning Workout

Instead of starting your day off with a cup of coffee, you should begin with a little workout session. This one hits all of the major muscle groups. You'll start by doing a power push-up plank, move on to doing superwomans, and finish off with the windshield wiper. If you don't know how to do any of those exercises, don't stress, because the video will explain them in detail.


Cardio Workout

Even though this is a quick workout, it's an intense one that'll help you burn off your fat. You're basically going to be doing burpees, mountain climbers, and squats. You'll be doing a total of 100 reps, but it'll only take you two minutes, so it's worth a shot. See how many you can do before you get tuckered out.


Butt Challenge

If you don't think you have two minutes to spare, think again. You can do these butt workouts in the morning, while you're brushing your teeth (which you should be doing for a full two minutes, anyway). If you find this workout too easy, you can always add some ankle weights to make things more intense.



If you only have a few minutes to work on your body, you can stretch yourself out. However, if you have extra time, you should start by doing this 2-minute stretch, because it's a great way to prep your body for whatever you'll be doing later on. That way, they'll be less of a chance that you'll sprain something.


Bust Lift Routine

If you're unhappy with your breasts, then you can do certain exercises that are meant to lift them. You're going to be doing some strange moves, like the bust lift arrow, wonder bust lift, bra enhancer, and squeeze louise. These four moves will give your bust the natural lift you've always wanted.


Hardcore Ab Workout

Here's another ab workout. As the title suggests, it's hard core. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should give up before you even attempt it. Give it a try. You might surprise yourself with your strength. Besides it doesn't hurt that the man giving you instructions is pretty damn sexy. Watch the video to see him in action.


Quick Legs

While this workout may only be two minutes, it's highly effective because it works your thighs, glutes, and hamstrings in 3 super basic moves to transform your lower half into the chiseled bod you've always wanted.


Full Body Workout

If you're looking for a quick and effective full body workout then this is the video for you! In two minutes you'll get your heart rate going which will boost your metabolism long after you've stopped, and work you from your arms down to your legs in some pretty basic moves.


Push-up/Plank Workout

If you're looking for a workout to give you a brutal workout (for the best) then you've found it. This works your upper body and core with nothing more than your body weight.

You don't want to neglect your beautiful body. Treat it the way it deserves by exercising whenever you get the chance, even if it's only for two minutes. When was the last time that you actually worked out?

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