7 Magazines That Can Help You Get in Shape ...


7 Magazines That Can Help You Get in Shape ...
7 Magazines That Can Help You Get in Shape ...

When I first started to learn to eat healthy and exercise, I found out that there are some pretty great magazines to help you get in shape too. In fact, most of what I learned about basic nutrition came from reliable magazine sources, which later led me to a college degree. I also developed a love for fitness and exercise through these magazines. Magazines are often filled with trendy topics around healthy food, fitness and even fashion. Many of them can also teach you helpful things that you can take with you the rest of your life when it comes to living healthy. Some of my favorite healthy recipes have also come from magazines, as have some of my favorite exercises. Read a few of these magazines to help you get in shape next time you need a good read or need some direction in the area of health and fitness. You’ll be well on your way to getting in shape in no time!

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Shape Shape is one of my favorite magazines to help you get in shape, quite obviously due to its name. The name of the magazine is only a starting point, however, for all of the ways this magazine can help direct you down the road to healthy eating and living. First of all, Shape is filled with trendy and reliable information about eating healthy, fitness regimens, and health concerns. It also contains great recipes, cute workout clothes ideas, and some of the latest health research you should know. Shape has a sexy, smart feel to it with a trendy edge, plus it usually has some gorgeous, fit model on the front to keep you motivated, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing!


The Shape magazine experience extends well beyond the superficial aspects of healthy living. Inside its pages, readers will find a treasure trove of empowering personal stories and testimonials from women who've successfully embraced the fitness journey. Whether you're looking for innovative workout strategies or simply need inspiration for your morning run, Shape offers a variety of fitness challenges designed for every level. Regular segments on mental wellbeing ensure a full-circle approach to health, emphasizing the importance of nurturing both the body and the mind. It's more than just a guide; it's a community that celebrates strong, empowered women leading an energetic lifestyle.


Women’s Health

Women’s Health Women’s Health is one of my favorite magazines for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it is an overall smart read in the world of health. Nothing you’ll find in this magazine is hype, and many popular dieting myths and trends have actually been scrutinized and debunked by Women’s Health. This magazine is full of ways to eat healthy and even comes with a Flat Belly Diet menu plan for a day as a handy feature. It includes great workouts, showcases fitness videos or DVDs, and popular workout clothing. I also love the recipe section, dating advice, and fashion section as a nice bonus too!


Women’s Health is an excellent source of information for anyone looking to get in shape. It offers a variety of resources, including diet plans, workout routines, and fashion advice. The magazine often scrutinizes popular diets and trends to help readers make informed decisions about their health.

The magazine also offers recipes for healthy meals, as well as a Flat Belly Diet menu plan. In addition to these resources, Women’s Health also features fitness videos and DVDs, as well as popular workout clothing.

The magazine also provides readers with dating advice and fashion tips. This helps readers to stay on top of the latest trends while also staying healthy.

Overall, Women’s Health is a great magazine for anyone looking to get in shape. It provides a variety of resources to help readers make informed decisions about their health. It also offers recipes, fitness videos, and fashion advice to help readers stay on top of the latest trends while also staying healthy.

Frequently asked questions

If you're just starting out, magazines like 'Women's Health' and 'Shape' are fantastic. They offer a mix of workout tips, nutrition advice, and motivational stories that are perfect for beginners.

Absolutely! 'Prevention' magazine has some great content tailored for women over 40. They cover fitness routines that are mindful of age-related changes and include plenty of health tips.

Yes, most of these fitness magazines, like 'Self' and 'Fitness' magazine, routinely feature detailed workout plans. You'll find everything from yoga routines to high-intensity interval training.

Definitely! Magazines such as 'Clean Eating' dovetail perfectly with fitness routines, offering nutritious recipes and dietary advice that complement your fitness goals.

Yes, 'Oxygen' is great for combining fitness with mental wellness. They often have articles on stress management, relaxation techniques, and overall well-being.


Natural Health

Natural Health If you’re more into natural ways to stay in shape, this is the magazine for you. This magazine is all about eating whole foods that are mostly clean, unprocessed, vegetarian, and homemade. It is also a great resource to learn about avoiding toxic chemicals and ingredients, and performing exercises such as yoga. I love Natural Health for a fresh and reliable resource for staying in shape. I also love this magazine because it offers a less mainstream approach to health that creates a nice balance between the traditional information in most magazines. Since Natural Health is primarily a holistic magazine, it is filled with ways to stay in shape through the benefits of living naturally. It always inspires me to keep things simple and appreciate the small, simple ways we can stay in shape, without needing to spend tons of money or make things complicated.



Fitness Fitness is a great magazine, and seems to be growing in popularity. Fitness is filled with countless amounts of information on how to stay in shape, eat healthy, and look great too. It includes recipes, make-up tips, workouts, the latest research on health and nutrition, tips on eating out, fitness fashion trends, and more. I love the colorful interface and reader interaction, since success stories are featured in every edition of this magazine. What could be more inspiring to stay in shape than reading someone else’s tips and tricks they used by being a Fitness reader, right?


Fitness magazine is a popular publication among women seeking to improve their health and fitness. It covers a wide range of topics including exercise routines, healthy eating habits, and beauty tips. The magazine also features success stories from its readers, providing inspiration and motivation for others to stay in shape. With its vibrant layout and interactive features, Fitness offers a visually appealing and engaging reading experience. Additionally, it provides the latest research on health and nutrition, making it a reliable source of information for those looking to improve their overall well-being.



Self I’ve been a Self magazine fan for years and it seems this health and fitness magazine only gets better with time! Self is a great magazine for learning about healthy eating, living and exercising. Self is a beautiful magazine too, making it fun to read. This magazine can direct you in the right way for learning how to eat healthy, teach you trendy and effective workouts, and also provide you with tear-off workout cards to take to the gym with you, or post up in your room or dorm to do in your own living space. Self comes with nutrition advice and covers popular dieting and/or controversial dieting issues. If you’re wondering what celebrities are doing to eat healthy, Self has you covered here too. Most of the celebrities on the cover of Self are great fitness role models, and many of us can learn things just by reading their interviews. I know I’m dying to know what the stars do to look great, while also staying healthy, aren’t you?



Health Health is a fabulous magazine for women’s health issues. It covers all age groups, genres and topics about health in general. Health includes information on fitness, nutrition, recipes and diets, plus it provides workouts for you, meal-prep plans, and other fun stuff too. It seems that we women get so caught up in fitness and food alone that we forget about other vital parts our our health, such as our emotions and our sexual health. Health also has you covered here, so you can stay in shape, while also being a complete package of health at the same time.


Health magazine is an excellent resource for women looking to stay in shape. It covers topics from nutrition and recipes to fitness and workouts, and even mental and sexual health. It provides meal-prep plans, workout routines, and tips on how to stay healthy and fit. Additionally, the magazine offers advice on how to keep up with the latest trends in health and fitness, and how to make sure that one's health is a priority in their life. Health magazine is the perfect companion for any woman looking to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Oxygen If you’re a fitness buff and super clean eater, this magazine is for you. Though it seems like it is targeted towards female body builders, it doesn’t mean you can’t reap tons of benefits for staying in shape through this magazine. I’m not a fitness competition model or bodybuilder, but I love this magazine and always take something away from it. Oxygen teaches great weight lifting techniques I can do at home with small dumbbells, and always has reliable advice on vitamins, supplements, smart food choices and diet trends. It also comes with great exercise ideas that I can use at home or in the gym, plus it is packed with clean eating recipes that are amazing! Oxygen is a fitness go-to magazine for me when I want to up my game and look my best.

Magazines are such a great way to educate yourself in a short amount of time when you ditch the trashy tabloids and pick up the helpful stuff instead. One of my favorite ideas is to read these on the beach when we all need a little extra inspiration to up our fitness game! Keep a few of these on hand each month, and you’ll be well equipped to know all you need in the world of staying in shape year-round. What are your favorite magazines to help you stay in shape?

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I love Yoga Journal! Chock full of all things yoga!

wow dats my country so happy to see this am proud to be a Tanzania

So happy to see natural health on here! I love magazines but I kinda find the info to be a little watered down. I really like natural health, oxygen, and clean eating, I find the advice and articles in those are more efficient

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