7 Sculpting Exercises You Should Add to Your Routine for Girls Wanting to Thin Their Thighs ...

By Tara

7 Sculpting Exercises  You Should Add to Your Routine for Girls Wanting to Thin Their Thighs ...

We all have an area that we tend to harbor excess weight, is less toned or would like to focus on more. Maybe it is genetics or lack of proper focus but there is no reason to settle with being unhappy. You deserve to feel confidence and be proud of yourself. And not feel insecure about your body. So let me help you to zone in and target your trouble zone. For many it is thighs that have us stressed and feeling uncomfortable so let’s focus on this. If you are looking to tighten and tone your thighs there are certain exercises you should add to your routine like these:

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Squat Hold

Have a seat against the wall and work your lower body while you sit in a wall seat. Keep your posture upright, weight in the heels and feel the burn in your legs as you work your body. If you are not feeling it, get down lower and sculpt your thighs and legs.


Front Lunges

If you want to tone and sculpt your legs, in particular your thighs, then perform walking lunges. Follow along as I perform in this video and really focus on form so you get the most out of this super effective exercise. Perform 3 sets of 18 on each leg for ultimate thigh sculpting results!


Reverse Lunges

You cannot work one side and not work the other or you will create a muscular imbalance so drop the leg down and perform a reverse lunge. This exercise will work your glutes and hamstrings and help to tighten your legs. Goodbye trouble zone and hello toned, tight legs!


Jump Squats

If you want to tighten your legs, work your core and challenge your body. Follow this video and make sure you follow the tips on maintaining proper form as well as alignment. Make you land softly to absorb the shock through your muscles.


Leg Lifts

Work your lower back, abs and legs to perform the compound exercise of leg lifts. Tighten the muscles in your leg and really feel the burn as you work body to achieve the super sculpted legs you deserve. Stop wishing and start doing!

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V Squats

In a V squat or Plie, your knees are pointed further outwards and are also further apart than a regular squat. This particular squat targets inner thighs and glutes more than a regular squat. So zap those thighs and sculpt away with this effective exercise.


Kick Outs

Minimize cellulite and maximize results in the larger muscle groups of your legs and thighs with these exercise. Follow along to this video and if you want to bump up the intensity add a light jog. Make the most out of every fitness moment to achieve your best results!

So now with these exercises to target your thighs, are you ready to achieve your goals? Then get up and get moving because you deserve to achieve fitness and health greatness!

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