9 Easy and Fun 🤗 Ways to Burn 🔥 100 Calories ⚖️ ...

Looking for some fun ways to burn 100 calories? Aren't we all?
As busy women, it can be really hard to find time to fit in a workout everyday. Experts say to get in 10,000 steps, do at least a half an hour of cardio, and strength train. Did you know that you can get in that activity in other easier ways? Did you know there are ways to burn 100 calories without any effort? Some ways will probably even surprise you! Browse the following fun ways to burn 100 calories for some inspiration.

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This romantic activity burns 2 to 5 calories each minute. After an hour, you will burn 120 calories! This has got to be one of best fun ways to burn 100 calories.

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Walk for 15 minutes and you will burn at least 100 calories.

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Spending 20 minutes with short bursts of real authentic laughter will burn 100 calories.

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Spend 20 minutes dancing to your favorite music (around 5 songs) to burn 100 calories. Dance like nobody is watching!

5. Siesta

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Two hours of rest not only burns 100 calories, but calms and lowers your blood pressure.

6. Clean House

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With just 26 minutes of housework, you will have burn 100 calories. Simply declutter, dust and run the sweeper.

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Put on your favorite music and sing for 45 minutes! Not only will you feel better, but you will burn 100 calories.

8. Bake or Cook

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Whether you do it for the holidays, special occasions, someone in need, or for yourself, cooking or baking for 30 minutes burns 95 calories. Set the table and pack the food to reach 100 calories.

9. E-mail

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Connect with loved ones on-line and burn 100 calories in 63 minutes!

Now do you feel better? Are you feeling motivated? You can do this! Pick and choose a couple to do each day and watch those calories melt away!









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